three hundred (and one)


When I started this blog on a whim 3 years ago, I never would have expected so many of you to be interested in what I had to say.  Now, so many years later, when I look back at those earliest posts, I can’t believe how much I have grown and changed.  I have learned such a great deal about myself through this crazy thing we call blogging, and I cannot express to you just how thankful I am for this whole experience.   Knowing that people from all around the interwebs actually care about what I’m writing is truly an incredible feeling.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all three hundred and one of my cyber friends.  You guys are the bee’s knees.  And I really, really dig you.

setting the barre


 Today’s post is about a very important subject…the title of this blog!  After changing the name of my blog several months ago (it was originally “So Let Them Eat Cake”), I expected to feel a bit more connected to the slightly more ballet-geared “Tutus & Stilettos”.  However, as the weeks passed, I fell more and more out of love with the cutesy title and knew I needed a change.  I’ve been doing a lot of growing this past year, so it only makes sense that my blog grow as well.  So without further ago, I would like to reveal the new, mature, (and much less clever than I like to pretend it is) blog title:

setting the barre titleWhat do you think?  To me, this new title has a double meaning.  Every day I like to set the bar high for myself- challenging my own strength physically, mentally and emotionally.  How do I do this, you ask?  By setting the barre in the ballet studio before class every morning and daring myself to push even harder than the day before!  (Pause for laughter/applause).  I hope you like the new title as much as I do! (and here’s hoping I don’t hate it in a month and change it on you again ;)

*Don’t forget* this means my new blog adress is!  If you are already subscribed to my blog, you will be redirected to the new address when you open your next email update.  If you’re not subscribed, remember to type in the new address instead of  Yay!


Last time I talked about injuries on this blog, all it took was a few days of rest and some strong pain killers and I was back in the game.  This time, things are a bit different.  I had my first MRI yesterday, and while the results all came back negative (yay good news!), my back pain still persists.  So this morning it’s off to the acupuncturist’s office with me!  Now, as someone who still puts up a huge stink about getting a flu shot (or really any procedure involving needles, it’s actually pretty embarrassing how worked up I can get over a simple blood test), I swore I would “never allow some dude to shove needles into me like some kind of sick man-made porcupine”.  A bit harsh perhaps.  But here I am, about to head to my very first porcupine session.  Slightly nervous?  You could say that.  Wish me luck!

Un sentiment.


Sometimes our thoughts can get the best of us.  It all starts with a small seed of self-doubt, then those wicked buds of stress creep in, and next thing you know, you’re hacking away at a full blown imaginary freak out forest.  When you find yourself sinking quickly into a black hole of worry, it’s important to remember this: it’s all in your head.   You created these thoughts, and only you have the ability to keep them from becoming your reality.  Remember that most things that seem big and bad in the middle of the night turn out to be nothing more than shadows when the sun comes up.  Instead of letting those stress vines suffocate you, relax.  Fall asleep.  The sun will come out tomorrow.

Stay happy and relaxed, lovelies.  Happy Wednesday.  xx

curtain call: Agon & Orchis

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Just thought I’d share a little round up of behind-the-scenes photos from this weekend’s performance of Agon & Orchis.   This series of shows has been one of the most exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting of my entire career thus far.  I performed in my first Balanchine ballet, danced in an incredible, innovative world premiere, and was promoted into the company.  It’s safe to say I will never forget this weekend.  Ever.  And now, without further ado, I give you…the awkward Orchis dressing room shots!  Enjoy:

awkis“Hi, my name is Kirsten, and I’m a dingus!”


two girl

Last night was one of the most surreal night’s of my life.

First of all, performing Balanchine’s Agon onstage is just as intimidating as it seems, but oh so rewarding when that curtain closes.

Being a part of Plotnikov’s Orchis was absolutely incredible.  There are no words.  During the final pas de deux, I swear you could have heard a pin drop, the audience was so silent.  Amazing.

After the performance, a reception was held in the mezzanine of the theater.  Wine, champagne, tiny desserts, all par for the course.  One thing was different on this night, however.  An announcement was made by the artistic director, Misha.  Someone was promoted- mid season- into the company.  And guess what?  That someone was ME!

I am still so overwhelmed with excitement.  And joy!  And disbelief.  But most of all, pride and optimism.  In a world where we receive corrections (pretty much a run down of everything we did wrong) the moment we leave the stage, having all of my hard work recognized is truly extraordinary.  I can’t wait to perform again tonight and tomorrow, now with a renewed sense of energy and vivacity.  These moments right here, this is why I love ballet.


pink matches

There is so much potential energy in a stack of matches.  All it takes is one simple spark and the whole pile is aflame.

Right now, the dancers of FBP are all sharing a correlative level of potential energy.  Once set in motion, there is a possibility for each little spark to reach the (almost painfully) dry oxygen that inhabits the stage and burst into flames.  I cannot express just how excited I am to even have the chance to experience this potential bonfire.

Tonight will be my first time ever performing a Balanchine ballet- a milestone for any professional dancer- and (for reasons that only type A personalities would understand) I am so glad that it’s Agon.  As for Plotnikov’s Orchis, for any of you attending the show, please note your exits and practice a little stop, drop & roll…we’re going to burn it up.

one more day.

We became moving sculptures in the genius hands of Viktor Plotnikov.72694_490503401011990_2141643510_nWe practiced and perfected the infamous “big lift”.11508_490911080971222_308885423_nWe memorized the incredibly complicated counts that define the “Agon” between Balanchine and Stravinsky.549274_491364484259215_520626236_nWe studied the lines of not only our own bodies, but those of our partners.553286_491740090888321_184200034_nWe worked tirelessly with dedicated Balanchine repetiteur, Sandy Jennings to ensure that each head, hand, and foot movement was exactly right.blogWe were published in a Turkish magazine.
486083_492703234125340_240110261_nWe pushed our bodies to their limits.576313_493423667386630_334851691_nAnd surpassed them.535381_493983373997326_1757694818_nNow we bring you Agon & Orchis.
549390_494358950626435_399566635_nPlease do not miss it.

florals for spring…groundbreaking.


The sun is out, the birds are chirping, we’re “springing forward” on Sunday, and I have a serious case of Spring Fever!  The Hope Street Farmer’s Market, Prospect Park benches and Blackstone Boulevard are all calling my name.  Now if only the temperature outside would get on board…

I love that FBP is starting Spring off right, with one of the freshest shows (in my opinion) that we’ve produced in quite some time.  Seriously guys, if you are anywhere in the New England area this weekend, missing this show is not an option.