big in turkey


Today I found out that a photo of my partner and I rehearsing Orchis was published in a major Turkish newspaper.  This may seem extremely random while out of context, but what you don’t know is that the photographer whose work inspired Plotnikov’s newest ballet, A. Cemal Ekin, is of Turkish decent.  The newspaper ran an article about Mr. Ekin, his series of photos “Dance of the Orchids”, and how it prompted the visionary ballet that is Orchis.  Just thought I’d share, since I thought it was pretty awesome.  What do you think?

Now if only we could get a local newspaper to be so interested…


There are some moments in life that require actually stopping to pinch yourself- just to be sure you haven’t tripped over your feet, smacked your head and slipped into a dream state.  Those moments tend to make you reevaluate not only your current outlook on the world but also the way you view yourself.  One of these moments happened for me at the end of last season.  Now, as the opening of Agon & Orchis swiftly approaches, another of those special moments has come up and pinched me- hard.

As I watched the above video clip and listened to famed ex-NYCB principal and current Balanchine Trust repetiteur, Sandra Jennings, talk about Festival Ballet Providence, our incredible artistic director Misha, and then me (wow, pinching myself again over here- sometimes you have to triple check), that same bit of thoughtful advice from my dear friend came rushing right back into my head: “Collect the moments that make you proud.  Remember these moments so you can use them later in life to remind yourself of your accomplishments.  Bookmark this day, don’t ever forget this feeling.”  Rest assured, friend, I am doing my best to hang onto this feeling.  Which right now consists of a soaring heart, butterflies in my tummy and one very sore, pinched-up arm.


Kate Moss

In the world of professional ballet, it’s not uncommon to feel overworked and under appreciated;  We rehearse long hours in cold, dirty studios, wearing uncomfortably tight clothing and death traps on our feet, and all the while a large percent of a our target audience seems completely unconcerned.  The very definition of the job practically lends itself to a feeling of constant inadequacy.  Even with the most supportive work environment available, it’s not aberrant for dancers to succumb to the pressures of this insufficiency complex and fall into a self-pity spiral.

But it’s in these moments (some of which seem to span on for hours, days,…an entire week), that we must rise above and see the bigger picture.  We must avoid the tempting snare of throwing our hands up in a diva-style pity party of one.  We must remember that it is exactly this point- all of the hard work happening behind closed doors and the apparent effortlessness with which the show is put on- that our audience loves.  Only when this realization has been achieved can we properly do our job, and consequently bring a little magic to the community.

photo of Kate Moss via Pinterest.

around the studio

agon orchis shoes307381_4493906074273_825031115_n525621_4668935121529_944445169_n

With Agon & Orchis just about two weeks away, all of us at FBP have been working extra hard to cross our fifths and spot our turns.  Last weekend marked not only our 3rd visit from Sandy Jennings of the Balanchine Trust, but also the completion of Viktor Plotnikov’s Orchis.  After a 7 day work week, two grueling days of detail-oriented Agon rehearsal with Ms. Jennings and a 5 hour, new choreography-filled rehearsal with Plotnikov, the company was looking like this:photo

But we’ve since had 2 days of “rest” which for me meant this:photo…blowing off some steam…
…and a painful podiatrist appointment.  Hashtag dancer probs.  But today we’re back in the studio giving it everything we’ve got!  So watch out Providence- this show is going to knock. your. SOCKS OFF.  Seriously.  Now go buy some tickets.  :)


Lately I’ve been finding myself surrounded by ultra-girly things…and loving it…


On my dresser: A framed drawing of my favorite flower (a pink peony) done by my Valentine, making friends with a colorful new necklace.


By my window: A set of Parisian Rifle Paper Co. cards I’ve been eyeing for quite some time- gifted to me by the roommie for my birthday.  I plan to frame and hang those bad boys as soon as I get some free time…


In the porcelain dish: My current daytime ring collection (that teeny Catbird memory ring is a new addition!).


On my nightstand: A stack of stylish books, two of them birthday gifts from friends who know me oh so well.


On my fingers:  Last week’s funky manicure.  Hashtag confused ring finger.


On my dining room table: A pretty bouquet of pale pink birthday roses from the boyfriend.  I’m a lucky girl :)

On deck for tomorrow: The return of Sandra Jennings to the FBP studios and some major Agon work.  Oh, and more of Viktor Plotnikov’s Orchis. Happy Weekend! xx



Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!  Today is all about spreading the l-o-v-e, so be sure to tell everyone you love just how special they are to you.  Tonight I will be celebrating the ol’ V-day with my boyfriend by -you guessed it- going out to a fancy dinner (wine included).  How grown up are we?!

On a less grown up note…

photo…you’re never too old for Valentine’s Day treats in the workplace!  We ballet dancers love our chocolate.

In celebration of this love-filled day, I leave you with one of my favorite love songs, C’est La Mort by The Civil Wars.  Enjoy! xx

shine bright like diamond

1360554767_rihanna-zoom Rihanna+arrives+at+the+Grammy+Awards+2013+at+Staples+Center

I would like to begin this post by saying that I am very surprised by myself.  Those of you who know me well probably know that I am not Rihanna’s number one fan.  Of course I loved her in the Pon de Replay/SOS days, but she lost me somewhere between Umbrella and Disturbia.  I was heart broken when she traded in those long gorgeous tresses for an edgy buzzed style and declared myself an official ex-fan.  Then the Grammy’s happened.  And she looked like this^.

Ladies and Gents, I know this is only my humble opinion but I think we can all agree that it’s true: Rihanna was the best dressed woman at the Grammy’s this year.  That crimson Azzedine Alaia gown was the biggest star on the red carpet Sunday night.  I mean, between the structured sheer bodice and the dramatic train, this dress has got it aaallllll going on.  What I love most perhaps, (besides the spot-on color choice) is also the most controversial element of this gown: its sheer top half.  While some claim to have seen a bit more of Rihanna than they bargained for (nip slip alert!), I think the higher neckline and strategically placed cut outs make for a provocative yet tasteful look.  To top it all off, Rihanna’s dreamy locks finally came out of hiding with a brand new ombré coat and her natural, bronzed makeup and on trend red lip were absolutely stunning.  Bravo, Riri!  We’ll just focus on your sartorial choices and ignore your romantic ones…coughcough back to Chris Brown, reeeeally?

I also loved the black vintage Alaia gown she sported for her performance of “Stay”.  Two huge hits in one night- I’m impressed.  What do you think of Rihanna’s Grammy looks?

stay young, go dancing

DSC00060 DSC00070DSC00075DSC00050DSC00077 DSC00079 DSC00089DSC00113 DSC00088600643_4494245162750_1818339974_nDSC00037

My 21st birthday dinner was everything I could have asked for and more.  Fancy drinks, great company, amazing food, and funfetti cake (with Cafe Nuovo‘s signature rock candy sprinkled on top, of course!).  The best meal of my life (seriously cannot stress this enough- if you ever have a chance to eat at Cafe Nuovo, DO IT) was followed by bar hopping with all of my very best friends, where a basil/lemon concoction invented by the brilliant bartender at The Eddy took the prize as best drink of the night.  A wonderful night of eating, drinking and dancing surrounded by everyone you love the most…is there anything better?  I think not!



Today is the beginning of a new era for me.  My twenty-first birthday.  A new year that plunges me head first into that exciting and liberating decade of life we call the twenties.  While my birth certificate says I was born 21 years ago, I still cannot wrap my (soon-to-be-mimosa-fied) brain around it.  Sometimes it feels like my 17th birthday was two days ago, and other times I feel like I am such a completely different person than who I was on that day.  Considering how immensely you can change after just a few birthdays inspires me to keep aiming higher and higher.  For my twenty-first birthday, my gift to myself will be a year of striving towards becoming the young woman I want to be.  Oh, and a lot of wine.  Cheers!


on with the show


The show must go on.  Not just a Queen song, these five words carry a great deal of weight in the ballet world.  And right now, they are more true than ever.  Today, after 48 hours of fierce blizzard conditions and with over 2 feet of snowfall suffocating blanketing the East Side, the snow, er, show must go on.  Merde to all of the dancers performing back-to-back showings of Little Red Riding Hood today.  While admittedly one of the less favorable aspects, carrying on with the show during highly extreme circumstances is a very real part of our job as professional dancers- one that I believe sets us apart from any other pedestrian on the snow-covered street.  It’s time to show Providence and Nemo what FBP is really made of!