feeling the burn

Everyone knows a work out buddy makes sticking to a new fitness routine easier (not to mention more fun!).  Yesterday, the roommie and I embarked on a 10-day workout/cleanse, and booooy am I feeling the effects today.  Let’s just say 20 minutes of “Insanity” followed by a 7-minute P90X ab workout after being practically immobile for 3 weeks HURTS.  But you know what they say- the first 3 days of any new fitness/dieting regime are the toughest!  So I’m currently scouring Pinterest and Tumblr for more workouts and I’m determined to stick to it.  This is going to require a lot of motivation..thank goodness for workout buddies!

feeling knotty

Tooling around at 11:30 pm alone at the apartment on a Tuesday night after watching a thrilling hour of all new Dance Moms can lead to some interesting things.  Tonight’s epic discovery?  My hair has reached a length at which I am able to tie it into a fancy little knot, which is being cleverly referring to as, drum rollllllll: the “hair” bow.  Snappy, dontcha think?


I’ve posted about summer makeup on the bloggie before (here), and judging by the growing collection of summery hair & beauty ideas accumulating on my Pinterest, it’s safe to say the warmer months are my favorite when it comes to the ol’ beauty routine.  First of all, come June I’ve usually worked up enough of a tan to render bronzer unnecessary…always a plus!  Secondly, I love the way facial perspiration a dewy glow illuminates my skin.  Last but certainly not least, to me there is no competition for natural, unkempt beach hair (except maybe a shiny blow dry), especially now that my hair has finally outgrown the dreadful cut I administered two summers ago!  All of these things make my summer beauty routine super easy, allowing me to experiment with new products, techniques and inspirations.  Here are some looks I’m currently coveting:soft, messy waves + black mascara + pink lipglossnatural makeup + side braidwhite liner on the inner rim + heavy pink blush + natural lipslong fishtail braidpale pink eye shadow + winged liner + peach blush + pale lipsmessy pony + sneaky braiddewy face + false eyelashes + gold eye shadow + raspberry lipslong superblond hair, natural, middle part + black eyeliner top lids + pink lipsgolden girl: gold face + gold hair + gold eye shadow + gold tinted lipspastel nails

What are your favorite beauty ideas for summer?

a little love letter i carry with me

Powder blue and pale pink- not just for babies anymore!  This spring, the pretty pastels have been floating around the internet so much, my desktop “spring inspiration” folder is overflowing.  To lighten the load, I decided to create a collage of my favorite photos incorporating the light, springy hues.  From delicate lingerie to studded iPhone cases to pastel pouts,  I’m officially on a pastel blue and pink kick!

somewhere only we know

Don’t you just love this fantasy world created by Kelly Framel (aka the glamourai) and Yves Delorme furniture?  I just want to pack up and live there in serenity with the pastel bedding, flowers, fruit, pillows and shoes.

…round of applause for:

photography: Jeremy James // art direction & styling: Kelly Framel // prop styling: Mat Sanders (Domino Magazine) // makeup: Katey Denno for FLIRT! Cosmetics // hair: Noelle Chen for Kerastase // manicure: Vanessa Washington // stylist’s assistant: Doug Wright // model: Mackenzie (One Management) // all bedding: Yves Delorme // all furniture: Mis en Demeure for Yves Delorme

Candy Nails

I absolutely love getting a manicure.  Every time I leave the nail salon, my hands feel undeniably pampered, soft and fresh, and carefully coated nails can brighten even the saddest of days.  But I often find myself staring at the tower of polishes, hopelessly unable to decide on a color.  Turns out I’m not the only one with this dilemma- enter the ombré nail.  Bright, chic, unique.  Aaaaand you don’t have to settle on one shade!  I think I’m sold…can’t wait to try this out!

Pops of Red

Happy Friday!  Just a few photos of life lately…red tulips putting me in the spring spirit, and photographical evidence of me finally trying out some red lipstick.  What do you think?

It’s been a SUPER busy week (5 shows this weekend!…..and next!), but it’s nice to finally be wrapping up rehearsals and reaching the performance side of things.  This weekend is going to be busy- but this is when all of the hard work, sweat, and blisters pay off!  Sooooo with that said, I’m off to class and a day of rehearsal, followed by a show at 8 o’clock tonight.  Have a lovely Friday!


Lately I’m Loving…

Full, floral dresses / my new iPad + two books I’m reading / makeup & jewelry organizationinspiration (can I combine those two words somehow???) / the teeniest little vaseline ever / a lost and found box on the boulevard / Nike’s worthy of stealing from your boyfriend’s closet / heart-shaped sweets/ bright blazer + chunky necklace / heart-shaped elbow patches / ankle boots with a subtle heel / gourmet bruschetta that are making me drool as we speak…

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrored, metallic nails are popping up everywhere and I’m loving it!  A long time fan of metallic nail polish (I’m rocking OPI’s Glitzerland as we speak), I am thrilled to know there is now a way to turn my nails into teeny little mini-mirrors.  Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the simplicity of choosing Ballet Slippers and the chicness of Wicked, but I think The Jetsons, Snow White’s evil stepmother and the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz would all approve of the new reflective laquer.

Soooo friends what do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Think it looks like the start of tin foil gloves?  Do tell!

 (And by the way yes, I am aware of the fact that my super convincing argument in favor of the extremely shiny nail trend includes only fictional characters……..what’s that?  You mean you’re not convinced that mirrored nails are the best thing since waterproof mascara?!  If the tinman had a heart it would be breaking right now.)