monday distractions


Happy Monday, y’all!  I’m feeling energized and ready for another week of recovery, spring cleaning, and- hopefully- sunshine!  Some distractions for your Monday…

Reeeallllly hoping the dates for my trip to France (!!!!) overlap with the end of the Paris Opera Ballet season. (Peck, Balanchine, Forsythe, all such welcome company) (also can we talk about how beautiful POB’s web design is?)

…of course if it doesn’t line up, it will make catching NYCB with my mom and grandma in Saratoga much more doable! (win/win)

So cool to see my friend Kelly of Studio KCK featured on Design Sponge last week. (#fangirling)

Just tried Providence’s Oberlin, little sister restaurant to the foodie favorite Birch, for the first time and am already planning my return. (grilled sunchokes + rosé)

So excited about these beauties! (stay tuned for more…)

Loved seeing a few more friends in Trinity Rep’s Oklahoma! last Thursday night- I danced in my seat the whole show! (and remembering the words to was a fun surprise) (ps- hi Shura!)

…also loved sitting up high in the Opera House for one of Shelby’s last jaunts around the lake. (swan song)

Need to make these now. (Deb Pearlman can do no wrong)

I gave some perspective over on Lucas’ blog last week. (thoughts on purpose + connecting)


photo by Darian Volkova.

w e e k e n d reading


We are in the final days of our season (today will be our last in the studio before heading to The Vets next week!) and it is certainly bittersweet.  I’m soaking up every minute of pain and precision before a summer of much-needed R&R.  Some links for your Saturday…

Everyone should see a ballet by Jirí Kylián during their lifetime. (in my dreams I am always dancing this pas de deux from his Petite Mort)

Alessandra Ferri watching Alessandra Ferri. (some things get even better with age)

I’m just nosey enough to wonder what Isabella Boylston eats.  (and hurray for planks/bridges)

How comfortable are you with being comfortable? (Shelby dropping truth bombs on us, per usual)

Injured?  10 ways to take charge of your recovery.  (#8 is so important!)

It’s rhubarb season! (and I would very much like to make these in celebration)

Also looking forward to hopefully catching a show at SPAC with my mom and grandma this summer. (it just feels good to say that word…sssuuuummmmmer, ahhh)

monday distractions


We’ve been back for one week and these tootsie toes are banged up!  Swan Lake is killing me/giving me life all at once and its a cocktail of crazy I am beyond excited to be chugging.  A few fun things from around the web…

Justin Peck’s first piece for San Francisco Ballet, In Countenance with Kings, looks mesmerizing. (Sufjan is my king.)

One of my favorite humans, Emily Bromberg, visited FBP Saturday and now I’m seeeeeriously considering hopping back up to the city in April to see Miami City Ballet perform at the Koch Theater. (just a 3-hour bus ride away…)

As a child of competition turned adult ballet dancer, I was so happy to read this article.  (artistry over acrobatics, for the win)

I’ll be diligently using these tips all week.  (emphasis on the sleep)

My engineer dad perked up a bit when my mom showed him this little video, explaining the physics of the Odile’s 32 fouettés. (#balletisscience)

Thanks Suffolk Pointe for sharing the insta-love. (duck, duck, swan)

Speaking of swans, tickets to FBP’s Swan Lake are on sale now. (don’t miss out)

photo by Alex Lantz

sunday distractions

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

Do you guys follow David King’s blog?  He’s been posting his pretty sketches of dancers on Instagram, and I was so honored to be one of the first few.  David has decided to start collecting donations for doodles to fund his trip to YAGP, so head on over to his blog and check it out.  A few more things going on…

The premiere of our second Up Close On Hope program was so well received this weekend.

American Ballet Theatre’s Coco Lavine shares her beauty uniform.

What ballet dancers really eat.

Can storytelling save ballet?

Congratulations, Shura, on founding your brand new company!

Which reminds me, this is happening in 2 short weeks…

…but for now I’m headed out to see Boston Ballet’s last performance of Onegin this afternoon!

a weekend round up


Because it’s going to be in the mid-50’s this weekend, and it’s been a while since I’ve shown some link love…

Dance Spirit thinks Festival Ballet Providence is one of 11 small companies that “need to be on your radar”. (small but MIGHTY)

So much outfit inspiration-street to studio to stage- from Royal Ballet’s Olivia Cowley. (and her stylish colleagues)

Aerobic training for the dancer. (deep breath in…)

Excited to see Boston Ballet in John Cranko’s Onegin next weekend.  (hi, Shelby!)

Also excited to head to New York to see this with my best friends in a few weeks, and most importantly to meet Baryshnikov after the show…more on this later. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

THREE times excited, for a spontaneous trip to Florida with my favorite cousin immediately following Up Close On Hope.  (just give me palm trees and a good book)

Speaking of, our next series of Up Close On Hope opens next weekend, and it’s a craaaazy one.  (in a good way) (for tickets)

friday refresh


rick guest

Hikaru Kobayashi, First Soloist of The Royal Ballet, by Rick Guest from his series What Lies Beneath

3 choreographers, 3 contemporary  ballets, 3 world premieres.  We’re back in the studio this week, changing gears and pedaling full speed into the new year with new music, new movement, and a refreshed ardor for creation.  A few Friday reads for you…

Why We Dance. (this short film by Ezra Hurwitz featuring Miami City Ballet made my morning!)

Okay, Audrey Hepburn en pointe totally did, too. (that expression, the port de bras! oh, to see what her ballet career might have been…)

How the arts add to urban economies. (specific and eye-opening)

Why I missed yoga after 2 weeks away. (my meditation time)

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the epic retort from the Pennsylvania Ballet to a rather ignorant football fan. (“But what happened is a reminder of the emerging dominance of our city’s ballet company – and just how hard its dancers work to make the unnatural movements of an art form appear easy and elegant.”)

My inspiring friend Winnie. (who started a dance company in NYC a year out of college)

So inspired by Gaza’s only ballet school. (the healing powers of dance)

“I have tried to strip away the veneer of performance, to remove the masks of role, costume and stage. I wanted to see how their art has both shaped and etched itself into their bodies.”- Photographer Rick Guest on the images he created of dancers for his What Lies Beneath series, a book which is also the basis of a new exhibition at the Hospital Club in London. (see the “beautiful and brutal” portraits of dancers from The English National Ballet, The Richard Alston Dance Company, The Dresden Semperoper, and The Royal Danish Ballet, among others, with commentary from Rick Guest and Tamara Roji here)

This list has been circulating the internet, with good reason. (I enjoy thinking this way at the start of a “new” year- love #2 and #24)

Dance Advantage just did a roundup of the best blog posts from 2015 (you might see a familiar story in there)

merry midweek reads


We’re downtown at the Providence Performing Arts Center all week for FBP’s Nutcracker run. Shows start tomorrow morning, and ooooh-weeee I’m excited. A few (Nutcracker and holiday-themed) articles and distractions for your Wednesday afternoon…

“Don’t look at my feet!” (poignant insight behind the scenes as Royal Ballet’s Lauren Cuthbertson prepares for the Nutcracker stage)

Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker by numbers. (allllll the tulle)

This post inspired me to take my time writing my Christmas cards this year. (and when I say time, I mean 4 hours last night when I should have been vacuumingfoldinglaundrysleepinganddoingotherproductivethings)

The Bolshoi’s Nutcracker is screening at one of my favorite little cinemas in Providence, The Avon, this Sunday.

Planning to make this treat this weekend. (secret ingredients intrigue me- secret techniques to classic recipes especially)

If you live in RI, tune in to The Rhode Show tomorrow morning at 9 to see a familiar face. (in a truly beautiful tutu, I might add)

Also, don’t forget to follow along on Festival Ballet’s instagram account as we bring you behind-the-scenes action live from the set of The Nutcracker. (#stayconnected)

Grab your Nutcracker tickets while you still can. Performances run through the weekend at PPAC. (we’ve got a few new tricks up our sleeves!)

a very nutty friday

With two shows in Winchester and another week of rehearsals under my belt, it’s safe to say I am officially in full on Nutcracking mode.  It only seemed appropriate to have this week’s links reflect my current nutty state of mind…

Secrets behind the magic of The Nutcracker from the Royal Opera House.  (spoiler alert)

“The greatest mysteries, however, remain in the music we already know. What does the Sugar Plum’s adagio express? We can say it’s about the sublimity of a perfect being; we can say its huge, cascading scales are liturgical, Tchaikovsky’s requiem for his beloved sister (who died while he was preparing the ballet); it contains both glory and tragedy.” -New York Times dance critic, Alastair Macauly, on the mystery and reward of his annual Nutcracker marathons.  (reminds me of the Nutcracker mini-marathons my mom and I used to do)

Meet the Sugarplums of Boston (Hi Ashley!)

Festival Ballet’s Adaptive Dance program comes to the Nutcracker stage. (heartwarming)

Dew Drop is my favorite part of Balanchine’s Nutcracker. (so dynamic)

A while back my mom and I went on a little date to see the Bolshoi Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet– in a movie theater a few miles away from Providence.  Though an entirely different experience from that of attending a live performance, seeing ballet on the big screen was stunning in its own way, and the behind-the-scenes footage and commentary were so cool.  Now is your chance to see what I mean- this weekend The Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker will be screening at a view different theaters around the country. (check out the RI schedule here!)

And while you’re at it, check out some of The Royal Ballet’s rehearsal shots from their time in the studio preparing The Nutcracker. (lovely)

For tickets to FBP’s Nutcracker at PPAC next weekend. (shop local)

friday links


As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Thanksgiving (how was yours?!), but couldn’t resist some decking of the halls earlier this week (in my Christmas socks, to boot).  Bring on Nutcracker Season!

Jacob’s Pillow founder Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers enjoying a feast on the pillow. (pictured above, circa 1935)

Listening to the lovely She & Him Christmas album on repeat. (not sorry)

“…and that’s the goal for all dancers, for it to feel so natural you can really concentrate just on the dancing.” (Boston Ballet’s pointe shoe master on finding the perfect fit. An enlightening read as I endure the lengthy process of shoe customization…wish me luck.)

Some sartorial respect for my favorite bed-headed 90’s Christmas kid. (happy 25th anniversary, Home Alone!)

For everyone in the ballet world with a strong personality and an appreciation for a good question. (Wait- when did this become a bad thing?  Cheers, Miami City.)

Embarrassed to admit that I really, really love this video. (and the dance-infused videos just keep coming)

I have a guesting this day, but the city of Providence will be doing some darn cute holiday things downcity and I’m a bit bummed to have to miss it. (this little city of mine)

If anyone is looking to cleanse a bit post-Thanksgiving, this one looks tempting. (so.much.pie.)

for your f r i d a y


The opening last weekend went very well.  It felt so good to be on stage again after such a long summer!  We’re back in the studio now, preparing for the first Up Close On Hope Program, Apollo & Bach Suites, opening in just 2 weeks.  Stay tuned…

How (English National) Ballet is helping people will Parkinson’s find a new lease on life. (inspiring)

This song has been eliciting a lot of dancing around my apartment. (& Emma Stone is my hero)

For the girl with an excessive collection of tights- very curious about this trick. (brrrrr)

Replaced the sugar with 3 tablespoons of maple syrup and added chocolate chips. (made 4 batches…this week.)

“THEY’RE STANDING ON THEIR HEADS.” (made me laugh, plus some beautiful photos of Boston Ballet)

So happy for J-MO. (merde!)

 Making Giselle weightless. (wow)