midweek reads


I can hardly contain my excitement to board a plane for France with my best friend tomorrow night.  I cannot be distracted from Parisian plans, but if you’re looking to take your mind off of things…

FBP’s Marissa Parmenter on sexism in the ballet world for Dance Magazine.

NYCB just got sportier.

Addicted to the Hamilton soundtrack right now.

Go Jeff!

Will I really be watching this live a week from tonight?

…and walking barefoot through these country roads, too?  pinch me.  swoon.

Vintage Paris Opera Ballet.

Currently consulting.




photo by Anna Ray Studio.

bon weekend!


It’s been a homework-filled, muggy hot week.  I can’t wait to escape up to Boston for a few days off.  Some fun things from around the web…

Excited to see my best friends perform in Cambridge this weekend!

Vegetable sushi bowls.


Help!  Sesamoiditis just made me get these babies.  Any styling advice?

Women having a terrible time at parties in Western Art History, ha. (via Joanna)

Never despise the mundane.
Embrace it.
Unwrap it like a gift.
See something more in the everyday.

A make-believe Paris morning, swoon.

…speaking of Paris, I’d like to plan a make-believe Normandy morning.  Must-not-miss (see, taste, hear, do) suggestions welcome.

Picking grapes, sorting the laundry.

My heart hangs so low for the victims of monstrosity in Orlando.  What JetBlue is doing for the families of victims is pretty darn cool.

midweek distractions


Hello friends!  I’m headed to Maine with (lots of) friends for the long weekend.  In case you need some distraction from the last few hours of this week’s work…

The most beautiful partnering by Lauren Lovette and Jared Angle in Justin Peck’s Belles Lettres. (equally gorgeous embroidery on the costumes pictured above)

The swimming specifics of San Fransisco Ballet’s Frances Chung. (love the note about winging your foot to promote proper muscle memory)

William Forsythe is saying Au Revoir Paris and Hello Boston. (welcome to Beantown, Bill)

Alessandra as Juliet. (watched it 3 times in one night)

I’ll be in France (!) when NYCB does A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Saratoga, but I’ll be back just in time for Jewels. (be sure to watch that Midsummer preview all the way through)

Maria Kotchetkova talks personal style and mental strength with Vogue. (“a sweatshirt is never just a sweatshirt” + sheer ennui)

Craig Hall retired from NYCB. (this little video featuring a pas de deux from the Peck/Stevens ballet Year of the Rabbit would probably make Wes Anderson happy)

monday distractions


Happy Monday, y’all!  I’m feeling energized and ready for another week of recovery, spring cleaning, and- hopefully- sunshine!  Some distractions for your Monday…

Reeeallllly hoping the dates for my trip to France (!!!!) overlap with the end of the Paris Opera Ballet season. (Peck, Balanchine, Forsythe, all such welcome company) (also can we talk about how beautiful POB’s web design is?)

…of course if it doesn’t line up, it will make catching NYCB with my mom and grandma in Saratoga much more doable! (win/win)

So cool to see my friend Kelly of Studio KCK featured on Design Sponge last week. (#fangirling)

Just tried Providence’s Oberlin, little sister restaurant to the foodie favorite Birch, for the first time and am already planning my return. (grilled sunchokes + rosé)

So excited about these beauties! (stay tuned for more…)

Loved seeing a few more friends in Trinity Rep’s Oklahoma! last Thursday night- I danced in my seat the whole show! (and remembering the words to every.single.song. was a fun surprise) (ps- hi Shura!)

…also loved sitting up high in the Opera House for one of Shelby’s last jaunts around the lake. (swan song)

Need to make these now. (Deb Pearlman can do no wrong)

I gave some perspective over on Lucas’ blog last week. (thoughts on purpose + connecting)


photo by Darian Volkova.

w e e k e n d reading


We are in the final days of our season (today will be our last in the studio before heading to The Vets next week!) and it is certainly bittersweet.  I’m soaking up every minute of pain and precision before a summer of much-needed R&R.  Some links for your Saturday…

Everyone should see a ballet by Jirí Kylián during their lifetime. (in my dreams I am always dancing this pas de deux from his Petite Mort)

Alessandra Ferri watching Alessandra Ferri. (some things get even better with age)

I’m just nosey enough to wonder what Isabella Boylston eats.  (and hurray for planks/bridges)

How comfortable are you with being comfortable? (Shelby dropping truth bombs on us, per usual)

Injured?  10 ways to take charge of your recovery.  (#8 is so important!)

It’s rhubarb season! (and I would very much like to make these in celebration)

Also looking forward to hopefully catching a show at SPAC with my mom and grandma this summer. (it just feels good to say that word…sssuuuummmmmer, ahhh)

monday distractions


We’ve been back for one week and these tootsie toes are banged up!  Swan Lake is killing me/giving me life all at once and its a cocktail of crazy I am beyond excited to be chugging.  A few fun things from around the web…

Justin Peck’s first piece for San Francisco Ballet, In Countenance with Kings, looks mesmerizing. (Sufjan is my king.)

One of my favorite humans, Emily Bromberg, visited FBP Saturday and now I’m seeeeeriously considering hopping back up to the city in April to see Miami City Ballet perform at the Koch Theater. (just a 3-hour bus ride away…)

As a child of competition turned adult ballet dancer, I was so happy to read this article.  (artistry over acrobatics, for the win)

I’ll be diligently using these tips all week.  (emphasis on the sleep)

My engineer dad perked up a bit when my mom showed him this little video, explaining the physics of the Odile’s 32 fouettés. (#balletisscience)

Thanks Suffolk Pointe for sharing the insta-love. (duck, duck, swan)

Speaking of swans, tickets to FBP’s Swan Lake are on sale now. (don’t miss out)

photo by Alex Lantz

sunday distractions

FullSizeRender 34.jpg

Do you guys follow David King’s blog?  He’s been posting his pretty sketches of dancers on Instagram, and I was so honored to be one of the first few.  David has decided to start collecting donations for doodles to fund his trip to YAGP, so head on over to his blog and check it out.  A few more things going on…

The premiere of our second Up Close On Hope program was so well received this weekend.

American Ballet Theatre’s Coco Lavine shares her beauty uniform.

What ballet dancers really eat.

Can storytelling save ballet?

Congratulations, Shura, on founding your brand new company!

Which reminds me, this is happening in 2 short weeks…

…but for now I’m headed out to see Boston Ballet’s last performance of Onegin this afternoon!