dreamy january


Blue skies, red bricks and white tiles.  Patriotism painted in Boston’s bright blood, streaked with a nostalgia for times yet to be had.  How can you long for a time and place you’ve yet to know?



If I could control the calendar, I would place the New Year in autumn. Fall would refresh us, with its subtle sinking temperatures and tendency to steer us towards all things new.  We would make our resolutions when the leaves turn gold, sparked by a behavioral stamp embossed on our temporal condition since childhood.  Back to school, new schedules, the shedding of our summer skin.

January feels more like a time for questions.  A time for exploration, investigation, experimentation.  A time to take the pressure off, test the waters, let the kettle scream.


Today we head back into the studios to begin work on three new ballets.  All contemporary, all world premieres. Heading straight into the unknown, fresh off the Nutcracker Express, I can almost feel the words buzzing in my head…exploration, investigation, experimentation.

Happy New Year.

So far 2016 has felt positively dreamy.  But I suppose that’s to be expected when it starts off with fireworks over Boston harbor, compelling conversation and a hot chocolate tour of New England, right?


r e s o l v i n g

IMG_6456As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of lists.  Making them, reading them, crossing things off of them…any way to list is a good way to list, in my opinion.  Around this time every year, people all over the world- including those who don’t typically “list”- start listing.  What to do better, faster, less, and more of, how to be stronger, smarter, richer, more lovable…

Being the list-lover that I am, in previous years I’ve jumped at the opportunity to make a formal one come January.  But last year I created a new tradition, sort of by accident, and it significantly changed my perspective.  So I’m doing it again.  One resolution, one bold choice, one decision for 2016.  Here goes.

2015 was a year of immense personal growth.  I survived one of New England’s snowiest winters all alone in my little apartment, danced some really inspiring roles, made a very special new friend and went on so many adventures.  Most importantly, though, I was gifted my very first iron, which means I’m officially a grown up.  Wrinkle-free dressing=adulthood, right?

Since last year’s resolution was to consciously live, this year I’m giving myself a break.  For the next 12 months, I’d like to focus on putting less pressure on myself.  My resolution is a reminder that it’s okay to take things slowly, or to take a different route entirely.  I hope to spend less time worrying about goals whose moments have yet to arrive, and instead take a beat to recognize the many things that I have accomplished.  In 2016 I am pursuing positivity, living the questions, and letting things fall into place on their own, as they always seem to have a way of doing.

BUT! because let’s face it, we all know I can’t resist a list, some of my favorite moments from 2015…

performing Coma

befriending the lovely ladies of Danseuse 

collaborating with Miss Jones Dance on this custom “Setting The Barre” leotard

performing Apollo

making so many new friends and all of the collaborations, reviews, guest posts, interviews, and photoshoots (& giveaway!) that followed

spinning around Providence with Free People

getting poetic again

finally exploring Providence’s incredible coffee shop scene

and subsequently spent far too long putting together an extensive list of my favorite spots to eat, drink, and play in Providence.  Because I suppose I love this little city juuuust a wee bit.

and last but not least, quite possibly the best day of the year.