parisian picnics

cute salad

Hello from Paris!  There’s been a whole bunch of site-seeing, shopping, and picnic-ing around here these days…sorry for the lack of updates!

Yesterday the ladies and I visited to the Champs-Élysées to get a closer look at l’Arc de Triomphe, shopped around Zara (why do they have the cutest skirts there?!) then headed to the Champs de Mars to gaze up at La Tour Eiffel and have a little picnic.  We hoped to take that infamous teeny red elevator all the way to the peak, but due to yet another pesky Parisian strike, we were sent home with our heads hung low.  In an attempt to cheer ourselves up, we planned a “cute salad” dinner (see photo above), and had a little dance party while getting ready to go out.  Did anyone else know that Paris isn’t open all night every night?!  A surprise to us, we ended up having a bit of a disappointing night out that ended preemptively.  #parisprobs

But we shall prevail!  On today’s dockett: A girl’s day trip to Versailles for a visit of the huge palace, the gardens, and hopefully some bike riding.  Wish us bon chance!

a stroll on le champs elysees

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This afternoon, Tegan and I hopped on le metro and rode all the way down to the 8th Arrondissement to walk along the Champs Élysées and see L’Arc de Triomphe.  This was such a lovely experience (besides the overload of tourists, of course).  Last time I walked along the Champs Elysees several years ago, it was pouring rain- just about the worst weather for visiting this fancy outdoor shopping strip.  Being more of a trot than a stroll, you can imagine I was slightly less than satisfied with that visit.  Today’s experience could not have been more different.  The sky was bright blue , the clouds fluffy white and the temperature a breezy 75 degrees.  We popped in and out of Zara, stopped to watch (and participate in in Tegan’s case) a street performance, and enjoyed macarons and un petit croissant au chocolat from Laduree.  Mais it was a very long day, et maintenent je suis trés fatigué.  Alors, it is time for bed!  Bon nuit!