Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It’s time to celebrate, people!!!!!!!

Why, you ask?  That little apartment hunt I mentioned the other day turned out more like my mom and I falling in love with the first apartment we walked through (2 car garage, 5 minute walk to work, hard wood floors, spacious rooms, $1000 a month split between my roommate and I…does it get any better?),  and me signing my John Hancock on the dotted line!  That’s right, after I meet the 94-year-old owner who lives upstairs tomorrow (hmmm…), it’s MINE!  And I think that’s cause for a celebration, don’t you?  That’s why I’ve made my first new-apartment purchase (online of course, I couldn’t wait the grueling 10 minutes it would take to drive to UO, but somehow waiting 5-7 business days is doable as long as I have the satisfaction of receiving the order confirmation email and the excitement of knowing that in just a week there will be a shiny new package on my front steps with my name on it)…and it’s an awesome astrological hand jewelry stand.  That rhyme wasn’t planned.  …..but maybe that one was.  Oooookay, obviously I need to end this post and get some rest.  But first, a list of new odds and ends to collect before moving into the new placey place:

mirrored tray. dresser- deep drawers not optional.  sleek hangers.  interesting lamps. funky rugs.  bracelet dish.  pretty mirror.  subtle waste baskets.  towel rack (rustic ladder?).  gold spray paint- DIY project to follow.  updated picture frames.  bookcase/shelving.  some sort of shoe storage apparatus.  couch.  or 2.  window treatments.

+ so much more, I’m know it.  The post-Labor Day Brimfield flea market cannot come soon enough!

Happy Wednesday, lovies!