clara’s coppelia complex

I have an old friend who is now one of the hosts on Rhode Island’s gem of a morning talk show/news update, “The Rhode Show”.  One thing I love about being her friend on that lovely thing we call Facebook is she is always sharing the latest “trending” videos, otherwise known as the media with the most views on a given day.  I was thrilled to see that this morning’s hottest youtube sensation is an adorable and enthusiastic young girl with autism and DiGeorge Syndrome who has memorized the beloved Coppelia ballet.  So impressive!  And here’s the kicker- this video is just a snippet of Clara’s repertoire; Apparently she’s memorized the entire ballet!  And with such musicality, precision, and a bright smile on her face…born for the stage, that one!  It’s things like this video that remind me just how many lives ballet can touch- and change.  I hope Clara continues fueling her love of ballet by learning more of the classics.  I don’t know about you, but I think her name has her destined for a certain Nutcracker-Prince-loving, Mouse-Queen-battling, Sugar-Plum-greeting role!