in the wings

Sometimes watching a ballet from the wings is even better than sitting front row.

I love the effect the boom lights have on these photos…so cool.  They’re like sparkling gems dressing up the royal court in the act I shots, and that single lonely light reflecting the black marley floor in the last photo looks like a glowing moon over the lake.  Gorgeous.

On another note, I’m so glad to have some photos of myself in the air.  I’ve proved to myself that I can jump!  Now I just have to do it all the time…hmmmm…some people’s summer goals are to read a particular book or master a new cocktail recipe; Mine is to see how long I can suspend in the air!


Life is made up of moments.  Moments of impact that arrive without warning and change you forever.  These moments come in all varieties- beautiful, ugly, monumental, minute- they alter your outlook and force you to slow down and think.

During the intermission between II and III Act of Saturday night’s show, I was given advice by a very wise friend/philanthropist/videographer/fan of the ballet (this man wears many hats).  He told me that life is about collecting moments.  He said, “Collect the moments that make you proud.  Remember these moments so you can use them later in life to remind yourself of your accomplishments.  Bookmark this day, don’t ever forget this feeling.”

I plan on following this advice at every moment of impact life throws my way.  Starting with the moment I noticed the above photograph taken and posted to my Facebook wall by Gene Schiavone (signed “…g”).  Gene is famous in the ballet world for his stunning photography, characterized by his ability to capture the passion, artistry, and intensity behind each movement, without sacrificing composition and form.  Mr. Schiavone travels to different companies around the world photographing dancers in rehearsals and onstage, yielding gorgeous photos that a few lucky dancers have the privilege of adding to their collection of moments.  This weekend, I became one of those lucky dancers, and I am beyond honored and STILL in shock.

If you want to see more of Gene’s outstanding ballet photography, view his photos and support him by ‘liking‘ his fan page on Facebook!

one week to go!

What happens when you are performing Swan Lake in a week?  CVS steals your entire paycheck!  Get ready for a series of posts chronicling final studio rehearsals, theater week and the performance weekend…starting with a few rehearsal shots from this week:

Well, I’m off to (more) rehearsal!  Happy Friday, folks!

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe it’s already Friday!  These weeks are just flyyying by.  The photos above are a little peek at what I’ve been up to in rehearsals these days…dancing the Actress in Boyko Dossev’s Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood and also what choreographer George Birkhadze likes to refer to as “Bomb Squad” in his new piece entitled My Sorrow.  February is always a really busy month for me, ballet tends to intensify just before the March layoff. But whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or on the brink of meltdown, I try to remind myself just how lucky am I to wake up everyday and do what I love…and get paid, too!  Sometimes this world is a beautiful, mysterious place.  Anyway, happy Friday loves and have a fabulous weekend! xx