you put the lime in the coconut


With my last week as a full-fledged “minor” officially underway, I’ve been thinking a lot about the inevitable possibility of drinking wine with every meal, going out on Saturday nights, and learning how to make delicious (and low-calorie) cocktails with fresh fruits and simple syrups.  Of course, thanks to Pinterest and the blog-o-sphere, I’m also dead set on the idea of building my very own bar cart, complete with pretty geode-encrusted bottle stoppers, vintage inspired tumblers, and little drink accessories (think striped straws and teeny umbrellas).  Below you’ll find a little photographic bar cart inspiration I’ve been clogging my desktop with studying closely.

barcartbarcart3 barcart2

Special thanks to these three ladies for being especially inspirational in the whole home-bar-setting-up experience.