golden october


Indirect routes up my homestate, through towns I’ve never seen. IMG_3353

 A nostalgic first stop- witches, stitches, ships and caffeine. IMG_3334Salem in a sun shat, painted trees and paper signs- so many people packed in a little pig’s eye.

IMG_3441 2

Up the colonial coast, now pig’s fly- through magic houses in my blue beach town.

 A feast of fall, friends and euphoria steals the season’s final bow.IMG_3439IMG_3440 2

Off to Maine!

I’m headed back to York today for a girl’s weekend in my favorite little abandoned beach town!

Above are a few shots Travis took of Tegan and I from behind…roommates, coworkers and friends, Tegs and I spend almost all of our time together.  Can you tell?  She’s off to Aspen with her parents for a quick ski trip next week and I must say I will be truly missing our “lazy days and cozy nights” for those few days.  I don’t know what this year would have been like if she hadn’t braved the harsh weather (a Florida native) and moved up to Providence.  Everyday I realize how lucky I am to live with such a genuinely cool, friendly, talented, down-to-earth, smart and absolutely gorgeous girl.  Are you jealous?  You should be.

ANYWHOOO, time to pry myself from underneath this cushy comforter so I can shower, pack the car and hit the road!  Happy Wednesday, dolls! xx