entering adulthood

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This past week, two of my best friends, Tegan and Brenna, both turned 21.  Of course there was a fair amount of drinking celebrating around here, but in the lull between festivities (somewhere after the mimosas and before the mojitos), I really got to thinking about what it is to turn 21.  Every year on my birthday, at least one person hits me with the cliché “So, do you feel any older today?”, to which I’ve always replied with a shrug and a half-smile.  But this year was different.  Turning 21 really does make you feel older.  While anyone over the age of 35 reading this may be shaking their head and giving their computer screen a furrowed brow and a sarcastic chuckle, turning 21 has made me feel old.  Okay, not old.  But older.

Although I swear I was just taking my permit test on my 16th birthday yesterday, the fact is I’ve been 21 for over a month now.  Which means I am a real adult.  Nothing is stopping me.  When I think about it, it actually feels like a very advantageous and exciting time in my life.  I have finally been accepted into the “secret society” of grown-ups who kibitz over martinis and discuss their preference for red or white wine at the local watering hole.  Now that my friends are joining me in the exclusive club that is adulthood, I can’t wait to really explore the Over-21 world I’ve anxiously viewed from the outside for so many years.  So cheers to birthdays, liquor store perusing, champagne bottle popping, solo cup clinking, and perfecting the hangover cure.

stay young, go dancing

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My 21st birthday dinner was everything I could have asked for and more.  Fancy drinks, great company, amazing food, and funfetti cake (with Cafe Nuovo‘s signature rock candy sprinkled on top, of course!).  The best meal of my life (seriously cannot stress this enough- if you ever have a chance to eat at Cafe Nuovo, DO IT) was followed by bar hopping with all of my very best friends, where a basil/lemon concoction invented by the brilliant bartender at The Eddy took the prize as best drink of the night.  A wonderful night of eating, drinking and dancing surrounded by everyone you love the most…is there anything better?  I think not!



Today is the beginning of a new era for me.  My twenty-first birthday.  A new year that plunges me head first into that exciting and liberating decade of life we call the twenties.  While my birth certificate says I was born 21 years ago, I still cannot wrap my (soon-to-be-mimosa-fied) brain around it.  Sometimes it feels like my 17th birthday was two days ago, and other times I feel like I am such a completely different person than who I was on that day.  Considering how immensely you can change after just a few birthdays inspires me to keep aiming higher and higher.  For my twenty-first birthday, my gift to myself will be a year of striving towards becoming the young woman I want to be.  Oh, and a lot of wine.  Cheers!


happy birthday, balanchine!


What better way to celebrate George Balanchine’s 109th birthday than completing, running, and filming Agon on our final day with Sandy Jennings.  It’s been such a wonderful experience getting to truly dive into this brilliant man’s unique choreography for the first time.  It’s the most confusing, stylized, specific and freeing kind of dancing I have ever done.  It will certainly be a bit nerve-racking, but I can’t wait to perform it on stage in March.  I hope we’ve been making you proud for the past week, Mr. B.  Happy Birthday!

october twenty-second

October twenty-second.  I wanted to spell out today’s date, because well, it is a very important one.  Today is the day this furry little bunny friend whose been staying with me for the past few weeks will find her new home in Newport. Today is the day my family grows by one whole person, teeny as she may be.  Today, my sister becomes a mother, my parents become grand, and I assume the role of “Auntie”, a part I’ve had my eye on since the day Kara and Blake said I do.  So as you can imagine, today feels very monumental, even as I sit here and calmly eat my Fage yogurt, sip my English breakfast tea and chat with my roommate, preparing for the eminent trip over the bridge to Aquidneck Island.  On the inside, I’m picturing itty bitty knit onesies, bright colored rattles and saying a silent prayer that October twenty-second, two thousand and twelve may be a beautiful, peaceful fall day for little A to greet the world.


I got these Ray-Ban aviators for my birthday last month, and boy have they been getting broken in.  These past few days have been SPRING SPRING SPRING weather!  With temperatures in the upper 60’s and 70’s (it’s supposed to be 85 tomorrow, woo!), I’ve been using every excuse possible to spend time outside in the sun.  I’ve already acquired a sexy racer-back tan from reading in the park wearing a tank top and shorts for just a half hour yesterday.  That’s serious.  But if those temps and my dorky tan lines don’t convince you that spring has sprung, take a look at the ground……that’s right, folks!  Crocuses!  Providence is in bloom!

{all photos via tumblr and tutus&stilettos}

Duck & Bunny

Okay, okay guys I know you’re sick of hearing about my birthday…this is the last post I swear!  I just needed to share my brunch at the ahdorable Duck & Bunny.  Located on the bustling East Side of Providence, Duck & Bunny is a “snuggery” (apparently this is a word that refers to a cute and cozy old colonial home where breakfast is eaten), fully adorned with sparkling little chandeliers and decorated fireplace mantles.  With the floors and architecture of the old home still in tact, but embellished with modern accents, Duck & Bunny really does deserve its own word to describe the ambiance.  I had the most delicious crêpe filled with honey-smoked ham and gruyere cheese and drizzled with caramelized mustard. YUM.  As for the proper tea party attire, I wore my new Jack Wills dress, Isabel Marant boots, and of course a birthday girl crown.  Duck & Bunny is such a unique spot to have brunch because everything has a really well executed, springy theme- even the paintings (reproductions of famous works) have been altered to include one of the two Easter-related animals (see “Duck with a Pearl Earring” above).  Can’t wait for my next excuse to have brunch with the ducks and bunnies!