la tour eiffel


The Eiffel Tower is by far my favorite site in Paris.  Could I be any more cliché?  Je pense que non.  But it’s true.  I love everything about La Tour Eiffel.  It’s romantic, intricate, artistic…strong but somehow soft, all at the same time.  It represents the rest of the world’s fantasy of Paris in the most beautiful way.  It’s impossible to exist without seeing La Tour Eiffel- at least in a picture.  Everyone knows what it looks like.  I’ve been drawn to photos and sculptures of the structure since I was un enfant, and for reasons that I believe to be quite obvious.  It is simply an incredible piece of architecture.

The first time I came to Paris, my fellow travelers and I left our apartment for the first time, turned a corner, and all of the sudden- with absolutely no warning- there it was: The Eiffel Tower in all of its swirling iron glory.  Until you see it in person, there is really no way to comprehend just how grand it is.  The tallest structure in Paris, (which isn’t really saying much…I wonder what the French think of the Empire State Building?) it shoots majestically up into the sky, keeping a watchful eye over the entire city.  Viewing La Tour Eiffel is magnificent enough on its own, but the true experience, in my opinion, is walking underneath it.  Gazing up into the center of the tower into the layers of criss-crossing metal is mind blowing.  One thing I’m excited to do during my visit is wait in the 2 + hour line to be sent up to the top and look out onto all of Paris.  Oui, I do have a strong fear of heights, mais oui, my love for La Tour Eiffel is far stronger.  Wish me bon chance!