diy: dolce & gabbana-inspired corsage cuff

When I saw this DIY tutorial on Honestly…WTF, I instantly fell in love with the Baroque style, romantic/gothic mash-up of beauty that is the Dolce & Gabbana tiara.  I knew I wanted to somehow replicate this look myself, so my cousin and I paid a little visit to the craft store, where we wandered around until closing time searching for the little ceramic roses you see above.  We also found some blank silver cuffs and thought, “Flowers, rhinestones and pearls on our wrists?  Sounds like one fancy corsage!”  And (several months later), the craft party has begun…

You will need:

A plain metal cuff, pre-set rhinestones, flat-bottomed pearls of various sizes, small ceramic roses (try searching ceramic flowers on etsy), and some type of jewelry glue (I used Jewel-It, but I’m not sure it’s the best quality out there).

Start by applying a small dab of glue to a rhinestone, flower, or pearl, spreading it in a light layer with the nose of the bottle and carefully pressing it onto the cuff.  Hold for a few seconds and allow to dry.  I started off my cuff with a flower in the center, then worked my way out from there with alternating rhinestones.

Next I added a few small peals and different colored flowers building outwards from the center.

I added the most beads in the center of the bracelet surrounding the middle flower, then added some smaller tearshaped rhinestones to the ends to create length.

For the finishing touch, I added two decreasingly smaller pearls to each end.

For the smallest pearls, I used a pair of tweezers to handle and glue…it was much easier that way!  And there you have it, a Dolce & Gabbana-inspired corsage cuff!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The ultimate armswag, if I may say so myself…

;) ;)

While shopping around Columbus Circle in the city this past weekend, my roommate and I discovered a few adorable boutiques that I’m wishing we could just lift up and transport to the east side of Providence. One of our favorites was Wink, a one-of-a-kind designer shop fully stocked with all kinds of jewelry, accessories, shoes and clothes.  After falling in love with absolutely everything in the store, I picked up this fun little rhinestone/rose gold bracelet- I love the way it adds just a little bit of sparkle to my ever-growing arm party.


Yesterday, my roommate and I were feeling extra crafty, so we decided to try out some jewelry DIYs.  I made a rhinestone chain bracelet using this tutorial, a few of these delicate chain rings using my own variation of this method, and a woven bracelet using this tutorial/an old Juicy Couture de-charmed charm bracelet.  Tegan made  several different bracelets, including a blue ombré wrap bracelet, a braided/crystal button technique of her own creation, and a braided bracelet based on a metal fish she hooked from our giant collection of random gold findings (see what I did there? fish…hooked…ha, okay moving on).  We had so much fun making ourselves some brandy new bling, we’re already planning our next DIY party: experimenting with some DIY’d hairpins tonight!