fall report

IMG_2740So much can happen in the quick quarter of an orbit.
IMG_2739The wily weather tests and the earth changes her ticking dress.
IMG_2808New faces become your favorites and different places are dubbed The Best.

An adventurer’s comfort lies in knowing that discovery chases the bend of the wind.

Temporal tides tempt exploration, and seasonal shifts never meet an end.


Does this spot look familiar?  Despite the 80-degree week days, so far September’s weekends have welcomed a slight chill to Providence, and it’s got me feeling all kinds of cozy.  And cozy feels deserve warm brunch and beanies.  M and I decided to celebrate autumn’s arrival by filling our bellies with Salted Slate and visiting a rickety old friend of ours.  Man, I love September.

train rails and pony tails

IMG_8891 (1)

In the heat of a July day in May,
I empty my lungs as we slip out
Over dusty train tracks in the sky.
Fractured wooden planks posing as handrails
Seem to float up accidentally from the river below,
Ebbing and bobbing like nomadic mobile mazes
Coolly ducking our grazes
You with those magnetic gazes…IMG_8886
Walking and talking about heights and hair,
Islands and pride and people with stories of their own.
On a graffitied concrete slab testing my phobia
Our legs dangle over the edge now, heads rest on the hard surface,
All of it softened by this foreign fluttering inside me.
Habit begs me to be afraid, but I left my breath back on those tracks
And there’s a comfort to your company, a contentment in our closeness.


Sliding under the mighty jaw of the draw and into its mouth
You show me life in a decaying metal mountain,
Ornamented with lilacs, a painted steel tree
With branches as delicate as its trunk is strong.
My breath returns for an inhale only to be twice seized
By the scorched tongue of the bridge beneath me,
A false floor with more space than base.IMG_8877
Willing my wobbling legs not to give up now
Sweaty hands clench my mother’s vintage leather at my hip.
My guarded gaze glides cautiously Up,
Up into the throat of a tipped bridge,
Up to the soaring swing where those who seek adrenaline in asylum go to release amid the clouds.
For a moment I am brave enough to close my eyes,
And I fly on the blue backyard swingset of my childhood.IMG_8897 (1)
Your sudden reckless affection does not disrupt my flight
But instead elevates it,
Extends, excites and exhalts it,
And I’ve been floating for so long now
My feet can’t seem to touch the ground.
-1:08 am, 5.17., a restless mind writing.