interior inspiration

With plans to scope out Brimfield Flea Market with my mom tomorrow, I’m finding myself trolling through all of my  favorite interior design photos (yes, I have an entire folder dedicated to that on my desktop, that’s normal right?).  I can’t wait to look around one of the country’s biggest and best flea markets for some fresh new pieces to update the apartment with.  I think antiques add such a unique and unexpected charm to any home.  They possess personality and character not found in their younger, more modern counterparts. I especially enjoy pairing antiques with bright, cheerful colors and patterns for an unconventional look.

What’s your take on antiques?  An interesting way to personalize your living space, or strictly reserved for your grandma’s house?

brimfield, massachusetts

In my mind, Brimfield Massachusetts means one thing and one thing only- FLEA MARKET!  This week is the biannual flea market extravaganza up in Brimfield, so the roommie, my cute preggers sis, my mom and I all piled into the car to scavenge the fields.  The weather was gorgeous (save about a half hour of scorching sun), the antiques were top shelf, and the oddities were plentiful.  We waltzed around in our hats, scoped out the treasures, got the obligatory fresh-squeezed lemonade (twice!), and even saw a few girls ride their horses up to the gas station and “park” in the spaces…HA, gotta love the country.