giving back

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Last night was nothing short of a triumph.  Everyone involved- from the dancers, to the many choreographers, to the lighting director who learned the cues moments before the show- exhibited an incredible amount of professionalism, and for that we should all be very proud.

After the performance, a few friends and I headed over to our favorite bar, Ivy Tavern, for some well-deserved wine and dinner.  We toasted to our success, laughed about our mistakes, and ate and drank until we were properly satisfied.  Upon realizing it was past 11, we signaled our waiter-friend for the check and bantered a bit about who had cash, how to split the bill and the rainy walk home that awaited us.  It was then that something truly amazing happened.  When our waiter returned, his hands were empty but his words were not.   “Hey guys”, he started in, looking a bit confused, “so the man at the bar just paid for your entire meal.”*  Now, having noticed a mysterious-looking mustached man and his sidekick with a gaze that lasted just a bit too long on my way to the bathroom earlier that night, my first reaction was to start considering how to walk home without being followed by the very generous, albeit slightly creepy, ‘man at the bar’.  But when I turned and saw an older man and his wife raising their glasses towards us, I realized what had really happened.  This couple had just seen our show.

We thanked and thanked and thanked them again, utterly blown away by such a kind gesture.  In an effort to show our gratitude for their munificence, we offered to buy their next round, but in reply, the woman simply shook her head, held up her FBP playbill, and said, “The real gift was given earlier tonight.”

Sometimes humanity surprises you.  Sometimes-when you least expect it- someone is watching, connecting, and graciously receiving what you’ve worked so hard to offer.  It is moments like these that remind me why all the sweat, tears, and sore muscles are worth it: Because there is no sweeter gift than appreciation.

*For the record, we are pretty sure our waiter thinks we are famous now.  We don’t mind it.

Back To Ballet

{taking a breath mid-Le Corsaire-Odalisques on the outdoor stage at Providence’s waterfire festival}

Finally, the lengthy layoff has come to a close.  Today it was back to the barre- ready or not!  After 3 weeks of vacation time, we’ve plunged into Swan Lake head first.  It’s clear that this is going to be an extremely challenging ballet to stage, but I’m confident that we will pull it together- FBP has a habit of rising to the occasion.  But in the meantime, the next 7 weeks will be full of long, tedious, detail-driven rehearsals.  This can only mean one thing: TIME FOR BUNHEAD MODE!

p.s. “back” to ballet…see what I did there?

p.p.s. harrrhharhar, yup that corny pun was very much intended.

Bunhead Life

Life has been very “bunhead” lately.  As evidenced in the photo above, ballet has been taking over every aspect of my life (I ordered my afternoon tea at Seven Stars and walked home in my practice tutu the other day).  I can’t say I’m surprised by this week’s extreme bunhead status though.  We were super busy rehearsing for 5 shows this weekend; 2 Up Close On Hope‘s and 3 Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood‘s.  The shows could not be more opposite, UCOH is a very dramatic, mature collection of works, while Mother Goose is a fun, action-packed kid-pleaser, filled with colorful props and costumes.  Most of the photos below were snapped during UCOH preparations, (Emily and I in white tutus for Don Quixote variations & Brenna, Emily, Ian and I in black biketards for a contemporary piece entitled My Sorrow), but I managed to capture one nice shot of Ian, Brenna and I in our Mother Goose garb (a feather boa and big movie star sunglasses for me, sailor stripes for Ian, and a delicate white bow and a ’20s style dress for Brenna).

Next on the agenda?  Two days off during which I plan on being glued to my couch with a tv remote in my hand getting some homework done, followed by 3 long rehearsal days and another show-packed weekend!