{top: Alex & Ani, David Yurman, The Little Buffalo, April Daze, hair tie from Wink in NYC; bottom: Tiffany & Co., Burberry watch, Wink, Cape Cod, David Yurman, April Daze}

These days, you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their wrists.  Whether they’re bare, lightly frosted or fully stacked, a person’s “armswag” can be very telling of their personality.  If you’re into layering, the way in which you choose to mix and match wrist candy becomes a form of artistic expression, allowing others a special little peak into the your brain.  I’ve decided to start a new post category called “armswag” to showcase some of my favorite wrist-adorning combos, starting with the two photos above!  The first I took in Florida, right after purchasing the seed bead/evil eye bracelet, and the second was yesterday’s silver stack that I like to think of as the classy set.  If you have any photos of your #armswag, send ’em my way!  I’d love to see them.