paris from my iphone

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While my Paris posts are hardly over (stay tuned to hear about adventures in Montmartre), I wanted to write a little farewell post before leaving the country, so I thought I’d share a little round up of Parisian photos through the lens of my iPhone.  After some last minute packing and a few loads of laundry, my month here in the City of Light will be over and my journey back to the states will officially begin.  Feeling so bittersweet this morning…I’ve always felt romantic about Paris but now this city will hold an entirely new nostalgia that is going to be hard to shake once I’m back on American soil.  How am I supposed to wake up without the smell of freshly baking baguettes flooding my nostrils?  What happens if I want a 3-euro bottle of wine at dinner?  Who will smile and nod knowingly at my broken french before responding with a grammar correction or directions to a bar in the most fantastically français voice?  What will I gaze up at in the night sky when La Tour Eiffel is no longer lighting up my horizon?  It’s really hard to hop a metro and check out the nearest bobo chic neighborhood or picnic on Le Canal St. Martin when you’re all the way across the Atlantic.  And I know it will take some time to get used to waiters rushing you around every meal out at a restaurant…oh and what’s that, America?  You say don’t have fromage et charcuterie plats on every corner?!  I’m never coming home!

But of course, seeing my family and friends, taking a nice long shower, sleeping in my own bed and losing all these “paris pounds” are all great motivations for not missing my flight this afternoon.  So, thank you so much for all of the wonderful memories, new friends, and incroyable experiences you have given me, Paris, et à bientot!DSC01377

studying up


With less than a week until I board a plane for Paris (eeeep!) I’ve kicked my city-studying into overdrive.  Attempting to refresh my basic linguistic skills, learning the layout of the city, deciding what to pack, and hunting for cool boutiques/vintage shops/cafes/museums/bars/restaurants/all that jazz has taken over my brain these past few days.  There are so many interesting options in the City of Light- it’s hard to know where to begin!  Since my roommate and I will be spending a good amount of time in the 11th Arrondissment, we’re looking for fun bakeries and hip bars to buy our baguettes and sip our merlots in the neighborhood of the “young bloods”.  Besides hitting up the obvious tourist attractions, we’re looking to have as much of a local experience as we can, soooo if I have any Parisian readers (or frequent Paris-visitors!) I would really appreciate any and all suggestions of sites/activities not to be missed!  Until next time, au revoir!