sing me to sleep

FullSizeRender 8IMG_1196FullSizeRender 9IMG_0789IMG_1081FullSizeRender 13FullSizeRender 11IMG_1129FullSizeRender 12 FullSizeRender 14IMG_1274I’ve become a bit of a lady of the night as of late.

That’s not to say I don’t rise early to pack my days to the peak with iced tea, research, ballet class and freeze dance (oh, the joys of 10-year-old bunheads).

I do.

But I’ve developed an affinity for indulging in as much adventure as 24 hours will concede, stretching long days into late nights, a hot summer sun taking its sweet time to slip into July’s hot, sticky sheets.  The birds that wake most, often sing me to sleep.  Midnight’s tired eyes linger hours longer before puffing up into a mug of English breakfast and beginning again.

So how is it these humid dog days blend into nights so outsrteched?  Well that is a simple one word answer, my friends: Providence.

The Grange, The Duck & Bunny, The Avon, The Dorrance.  The rooftop at G Pub and some lesser authorized rooftops closeby.  Old friends and new ones, learning, teaching, and loving.  Over cities, on beaches, in cafés and under stars.  These are the summer nights I could live in forever.

home for the holidays

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A small group of us decided to continue the cast party following the final curtain call Sunday night.  I guess despite our public disdain for what always seems to be the longest weekend of the year, inside we were all fostering a hidden desire to stretch it out just a few hours more.  As we shuffled down Washington Street, Stable-bound, I glanced to my left, completely randomly, and came face-to-face with the red luminescent glow that turns our city’s title into a badge of honor and beckons passersby to ignore their downtown destinations and surrender to the hypnotic nature that is a visit to the Providence Performing Arts Center.  It’s so mysterious a mirage to many, but so familiar a face to mine.

We kept on our way, but not before I gave in to my compulsion to snap a quick photo of the great PPAC in its quiet, midnight glory.  It looked so different post-show than during our residence, when the bulb-lined mirrors are the only reflections we are shown for the duration, and the gilded house greets us with open arms each morning.  How lucky we are to live inside of a music box for one week of each year.  Now that I think of it, I completely understand our subconscious geographical attraction to PPAC only hours after we’d cleared our dressing rooms and said the formal see you next year; its magic is not reserved for those gracing the iconic red velvet seats, no, it is shared by those who fill the stage as well. So see you soon, old friend, thanks for the memories.


Today I walked the streets of downtown Providence…

…took a moment to enjoy the urban beauty in this alley way…
…shopped around Craftland and admired their window displays……sipped hot tea, drew on chalkboard walls and played Connect Four and Crossword Cubes…
…spotted some of Shepard Fairey’s legendary street art…
…and bought some fun new hoops at Queen of Hearts on Westminster.

It was a good day, to say the least.  Tomorrow is my last full day of summer before the new season starts and it’s back to the studio.  Such a bittersweet feeling…sad to see summer end but hopeful for this upcoming year.  Due to my increasingly superb procrastination skills, it looks like tomorrow will be spent sewing various ballet shoes.  Wishing you all a fantastic Monday!