If you’ve never stayed up late at night emptying every orifice of your home, tossing out old things and rearranging the new, you don’t know what you’re missing.

There is something about a clean and simple living space that can alter your mood entirely.   As the calendar days roll by, our lives become cluttered physically and mentally, stuffing our closets and our minds with baggage better suited for Logan Airport’s endless luggage claim.  With the new year approaching in what seems to be a swifter pace each December, time can begin to feel like a big snowball, rolling closer and larger and faster towards our backs every second.  January 1st is our chance to clear all slates, both environmental and metaphoric, and head into a new calendar with the excess behind us and only the essentials in our keeping.  So here’s to cleaning it out, calming the soul, and raising a glass to 2014.  Let’s make this the best year yet.

new year’s purge


My mother and I share this funny quality in that we love a good purge.  No, no, no, I don’t mean bulimia (although how often do you hear a ballet dancer talk of any other sort of purging?), I mean a full-on life cleanse.  This means emptying out the drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and closets to make way for all the junk of the new year.  I mean, when you’re finding pointe shoes in your purse, you know it’s time for a good clean out.  So that’s what I’ll be doing with the rest of my night, readers: pitching out the dead batteries that have somehow survived atop a stack of old lightbulbs and empty masking tape rollers.  I might as well donate those sweaters I haven’t worn in 3 years while I’m at it, huh?  Hey, don’t judge me!  I told you it was junk!  If this has inspired any of you to join me in the cleaning fun, I wish you a Happy New Year’s Purge!

spring things

DSC00509 DSC00518 DSC00483 DSC00524 DSC00492 DSC00445 DSC00516

It’s feeling wonderfully springy around here…tulips blooming, hot pink scalloped shorts arriving in the mail, and house cleaning under way!  Just one more Up Close performance tonight, two shows of Little Red tomorrow and it’s time for the weekend to begin (yes having Monday and Tuesday off can still count as a weekend when you’re this desperate…#ballerinaprobs).  My “weekend” will consist of a good friend’s 21st birthday celebrations, brunch at Julian’s, warm weather appreciation in the park and hopefully a little relaxation too.  Happy Saturday!