8 things i want this autumn

Seeing as it is officially September and all, (when did that happen?!???), I thought I’d share with you 8 items I’m dreaming of adding to my closet as the air gets just a tad crisper…

  1. A high-neck, a-line, well-tailored LBD.  AKA The modern-day Audrey Hepburn dress.
  2. A fun-patterned, neutral-colored raincoat.  I walk to work.  ‘Nuff said.
  3. Sneakers that my eyes like as much as my feet do.  Dancer probs.
  4. This exact backpack.  (Or one very very similar, for picnics and adventures to museums and such.)
  5. Many, many more peplum shirts.  I’ve yet to purchase one with any form of sleeves…
  6. Ankle-strap flats.  This is such a cute detail for dresses/skirts and cropped jeans.
  7. A thin studded cuff.  To add just a touch of badass to every outfit.
  8. Patterned mini with accent pockets.  I love how the garment is small, so the pockets become the focal point.

Besides apple cider and pumpkin pie, what are you craving this fall?

newbury stroll

After dropping off Melissa at the airport to embark on her Roman adventure, the roommie and I decided to stick around Boston for an impromptu stroll around the city.  We ended up walking up and down Newbury street and doing some fantastic bargain hunting.  I fell hopelessly in love with this “brushstroke” clutch at Kate Spade, but alas had to grit my teeth, take a deep breath and walk on by its high price tag.  Instead, I scoured a few basement blowout sales and  came home with a Free People shirt AND dress for $50, and an adorable top from Zara that cost me a mere $20.  Cha-chiiiing!  Here’s a peek at the Zara find:

I’m pretty in love with this shirt  It’s got a very ‘now’ peplum silhouette, and the sheerness of the lace and be turned up or toned down by implementing different undergarments for various occasions.  I’m already picturing it with faded red cropped jeans and boots for day and a tight, black knee-length pencil skirt and pumps for night.  Can’t wait to bust it out!

full bloom

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love with an article of clothing…enter this Free People “Full Bloom” dress.  It. Is. PERFECTION. In a dress.  I want to order, get it, put it on and live in it.  Stat.  It’s detailed yet simple, light and airy ANNNND on sale!  But of course, like all things beautiful, its availability was fleeting.  Unfortunately, I became aware of this dress’s existence after everyone else in the world (you can imagine my loud gasp and contorted sad face upon seeing the words “out of stock” along the sidebar, pure tragedy I tell you).  Alas, I have signed up for an email notification upon restocking, and will anxiously await its arrival- followed closely by the arrival of the blooming dress itself!

outfit envy

Hey everyone!  It’s Thursday and I finally finished my 5-week summer class at Providence College last night (WOO), so you know what that means?!  It’s time for an outfit envy post!  Actually, I’m not sure how those two events correlate whatsoever, but here’s some lust-worthy outfit inspiration anyway…
Ashley Olsen doing it up right in a buttoned down button down and black skinnies.  Awesome giant gold watch, too!Good Ol’ Miley in high shwaisted denim shorts and a cropped black sleeveless top.  Love the bag also…I love how this girl made red the neutral and white the standout color in her outfit.  Genius.This girl has got it all right: blazer, long white tee and leggings.  Comfy, stylish, casual, put together.  It’s alllllll going on.  And her accessories are perfection.  Outfit envy indeed.

all packed up!

Guess what guess what guess whaaaat?!?!!  Tonight at 3:30 am, I will begin my journey to Nantucket Island!  Can you tell I’m a little bit excited?!  I spent nearly an hour yesterday attempting to pick and choose which pieces to bring and which to leave behind.  Since I’m only going for 4 days, my giant stack of 8 dresses may seem like overkill, but it’s good to have options right?!  I won’t sit here and pretend to be a packing expert or give you any sage wisdom on how to create the ideal selection to fill your suitcase, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve…

1. Know your vacation.  Think of the activities you’ll be taking part in (beach, shopping, fancy dinners, shows, etc.) and bring outfits that are appropriate for each.

2.  Bring what you’re comfortable in.  Don’t try to put together crazy new ensembles on a trip.  Wear the outfits you already love- I guarantee in an unfamiliar place they will feel brand new!

3. Coordinate colors.  This one can be a bit tough, especially during the summertime when brights and prints are staples in your wardrobe, but it will make putting together outfits so much easier, plus it allows you to mix and match depending on your mood that day- so much better than packing cookie-cutter outfits!

4. Edit.  I like to lay my junk all out on my bed before actually packing it into the suitcase.  This way, you can go through and count how many of each type of clothing you’ve chosen, edit the ones you don’t think you’ll end up wearing (this is where you need to be ruthless!), and pack just the essentials.

That’s it!  Those are all my packing tips, I hope this helps with any of your future weekend getaway preparations!

See you all after the weekend! x


{what I wore: AE denim cutoffs, denim polka-dot shirt, old scarf, RayBan wayfarers, }

{what I ate: the famous Hope Street Pizza greek salad with chicken}{where we went: downtown to Kennedy Plaza to watch the FBP summer intensive students rehearse for their showcase}

Yesterday was a good day.  I went to ballet class, had one of my favorite salads for lunch, rocked a new denim shirt from Anthropologie (I braved the whole denim on denim ensemble- how edgy am I?!), did my best Rosie the Riveter impression, and watched an adorable little future-ballerina practicing her pirouettes alongside the ladies of the FBP summer intensive program as they rehearsed downtown for their finale showcase.  Luckily, the heatwave has finally subsided (bring on the thunderstorms!) and life actually seems livable once again.  Every other sentence out of my mouth is no longer a complaint about the sticky, sweaty, humid state of my body and the air around it, woohoo, this is progress people!

At the downtown rehearsal, this one little cutie wanted IN on the ballet.  She was twirling, kneeling down, and at one point even laying down on the ground…doing as “the big girls” do.  My mom pointed out the fact that I used to do this exact same thing when I was young, dancing for a crowd whenever the opportunity arose.  I guess if you’re ballerina at heart, it becomes obvious at a young age.  DAaaawwwwww, getting so sentimental on you all!  Better stop while I’m ahead…Happy Friday, lovies!  Have a fantastic weekend.

a sentiment about personal style

Here’s a little style inspo’ brought to you by Pinterest (follow me!)  and the some good ol’ bloggies I love.  I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping (not sure if that’s a thing?) lately, and I’ve realized how much of an outfit is about the styling.  Upon first consideration, a person’s personal style may seem to be comprised of their clothing, accessory and jewelry taste- that is, the individual pieces they decide to purchase and add to their closet.  However, I’ve realized that there is an entirely other level of personal style, and that is composition.  How a person choses to pair up the items in their style library is what truly defines their persona.*

At any rate, composition is the critical factor in creating one’s “personal style”.  Whether it’s calculated or organic, personal style can say a lot about someone, for your clothing is almost always the first thing that strangers notice about you and can leave a lasting impression.  To quote a famously girly, fashion-savvy, over-the-top, amazing movie…

“Don’t you know that you are working at the place that published some of the greatest artists of the century?  Halston, Lagerfeld, de la Renta. And what they did, what they created was greater than art because you live your life in it.” –The Devil Wears Prada

Couldn’t have said it better, Nigel.  I rest my case.

*save the days where this filtering process leaves us with nothing but non-matching sweats and bare feet…those are personal style holidays, I think. (again, not sure if that is actually a thing.)

can i kick it?

I’ve never been one to wear sneakers.  To me, they’re constricting, sweat-prone, and should be reserved for working out.  With running sneakers deemed unacceptable for every day life and all other form of sneaks completely out of my comfort zone (chucks-a bit too middle school, high tops- perhaps if I were slightly less blonde/perky), I thought the world of laced-up rubber-soled shoesies was impenetrable. But that was before I saw these beauts on one of my favorite fashion blogs, Sincerly Jules.  They are the immaculate spawn of a Liberty x Nike union.  They somehow marry the youthful, urban look of high tops together with that bohemian Liberty look that I am so very “into”.  Plus there’s a hidden wedge built right in!  Sneaky, sneaky, sneakers.


Okay, it’s time for me to stop skirting around the issue……       (ha. ha.)…I used to dash away any possibility of my maxi-skirt-ability.  UNTIL NOW.  I have recently become  obsessed with the idea of sporting one of these floor length babies.  It’s the perfect outfit component for a breezier summer day, and so easy to adjust for night!  And what I love about the maxi skirt is it’s all about how you style it.  Now onto the photo inspiration…

{blush colored}
{bright + tight}{red + tapered}

What do you think of the maxi skirt trend?  How would you wear it?


The “Little White Dress” is a summer staple.  Something that can be dressed up or down based on the occasion; thrown over a bikini and paired with flip flops for the beach or jazzed up with some sparkly jewelry and wedges for a dinner out.  So why don’t I own one?  Hmmm, the official mission to change that begins now…