merde macaroons


Last night I put all of my extra down time to good use, by baking up a batch of coconut macaroons to give the dancers as a little congratulatory treat in honor of the opening of Sleeping Beauty tonight.  The little confections were sticky, fragrant and fun to make, and the end result yielded a pile of perfectly golden brown, crisp, mini-domes of sweet coconut goodness.  To add an extra level of decadence, I decided to half-dip the airy little cookies in chocolate.  Is your mouth watering yet?

DSC00958 DSC00973 DSC00986 DSC00999 DSC00991DSC01002

So, my fellow dancers, my colleagues, my friends, my ballet family- Merde, and bon appétit!

why does it always rain on me?

What do you do on lazy days when the outlet mall shopping idea gets rained out?  You make a trip to whole foods, take a nap, bake coconut macaroons (read: sleep while your roommate bakes), and shop at the only store that’s open 24/7 rain or shine…the internet.  Tonight, the roommie and I are off to Sakura for a sushi fix, then it’s on to the movies to see the newest Nicholas Spark’s film, The Lucky One, starring none other than theeee Zac Efron.  Nothing like a dinner/movie date with your bestie to cap off sunday funday!  I’ll leave you with this:…he’s so gorgeous I’m not even embarrassed.

Lately I’m Loving…

February!, Cara Cara pink navel oranges (pink is definitely the new orange), feminine French-inspired rooms, raspberries/champagne, long straight hair braided back, my new mantra, RINGS, tan arms & sparkly bag, dapple dachshunds (with or without the red bow), coconut macaroons with vanilla chai to top it all off.