in rehearsal: sharps & flats


After writing about Jim’s message yesterday, it only feels right to share some of his rehearsal photos from Viktor Plotnikov’s brand new satirical ballet, Sharps & Flats.  It was an especially fun process, learning this ballet with Viktor, Misha and the company.  Many nights were spent laughing at ourselves and each other, as we mimed with our mouths like a codfish choir and bumped into one another a few too many times trying to get the many canon sequences just right.  Enjoy!

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in the studio with boundless plotnikov

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There are just 4 short days until the opening night of Boundless Plotnikov.  We’re busy putting the finishing touches on the ballet before it’s time to hit the theater tomorrow night to begin staging.

It’s been over a month since I last performed, and I am really missing the stage.  The lights.  The wings.  The way our score fills up the house like helium into a balloon, sticking to the perimeter and engulfing every inch of empty air with its sound.  One of my favorite things about this profession is the electric and exhausting magic of theater week.  Bring it on.

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Photos by A. Cemal Ekin.

Running On Air

As my third and final week of spring break (read: almost a month of unpaid vacation) proceeds, I find myself anxiously itching to get back in the studio.  While several weeks of layoff throughout the season are to be expected in a ballet company, these three consecutive weeks have left my body feeling strangely underworked.  I’m desperately missing the incomparable quench that is achieved only by beginning one’s day with company class.  My now-rested brain searches for the challenge of tackling new choreography, my heart misses the comfort of my colleagues and friends, and (oddly enough) my legs and feet long for that specific breed of torture defined only by  a day packed with rehearsals.  Fortunately for me, these recently estranged aspects of ballet life that I more often than not greet with familiar, informal salutation will soon return to my daily routine with a vengeance.  In two week’s time, my shell-shocked muscles will be rudely awakened to the intense reality that is Swan Lake…

Oh, did I mention we’re closing the season with Swan Lake? ONLY MY FAVORITE BALLET EVER.  Yup.  I might be a liiiittle excited.

{photo above: my partner Ian and I performing George Birkhadze’s My Sorrow}

Bunhead Life

Life has been very “bunhead” lately.  As evidenced in the photo above, ballet has been taking over every aspect of my life (I ordered my afternoon tea at Seven Stars and walked home in my practice tutu the other day).  I can’t say I’m surprised by this week’s extreme bunhead status though.  We were super busy rehearsing for 5 shows this weekend; 2 Up Close On Hope‘s and 3 Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood‘s.  The shows could not be more opposite, UCOH is a very dramatic, mature collection of works, while Mother Goose is a fun, action-packed kid-pleaser, filled with colorful props and costumes.  Most of the photos below were snapped during UCOH preparations, (Emily and I in white tutus for Don Quixote variations & Brenna, Emily, Ian and I in black biketards for a contemporary piece entitled My Sorrow), but I managed to capture one nice shot of Ian, Brenna and I in our Mother Goose garb (a feather boa and big movie star sunglasses for me, sailor stripes for Ian, and a delicate white bow and a ’20s style dress for Brenna).

Next on the agenda?  Two days off during which I plan on being glued to my couch with a tv remote in my hand getting some homework done, followed by 3 long rehearsal days and another show-packed weekend!