{what I wore: AE denim cutoffs, denim polka-dot shirt, old scarf, RayBan wayfarers, }

{what I ate: the famous Hope Street Pizza greek salad with chicken}{where we went: downtown to Kennedy Plaza to watch the FBP summer intensive students rehearse for their showcase}

Yesterday was a good day.  I went to ballet class, had one of my favorite salads for lunch, rocked a new denim shirt from Anthropologie (I braved the whole denim on denim ensemble- how edgy am I?!), did my best Rosie the Riveter impression, and watched an adorable little future-ballerina practicing her pirouettes alongside the ladies of the FBP summer intensive program as they rehearsed downtown for their finale showcase.  Luckily, the heatwave has finally subsided (bring on the thunderstorms!) and life actually seems livable once again.  Every other sentence out of my mouth is no longer a complaint about the sticky, sweaty, humid state of my body and the air around it, woohoo, this is progress people!

At the downtown rehearsal, this one little cutie wanted IN on the ballet.  She was twirling, kneeling down, and at one point even laying down on the ground…doing as “the big girls” do.  My mom pointed out the fact that I used to do this exact same thing when I was young, dancing for a crowd whenever the opportunity arose.  I guess if you’re ballerina at heart, it becomes obvious at a young age.  DAaaawwwwww, getting so sentimental on you all!  Better stop while I’m ahead…Happy Friday, lovies!  Have a fantastic weekend.


{top: Alex & Ani, David Yurman, The Little Buffalo, April Daze, hair tie from Wink in NYC; bottom: Tiffany & Co., Burberry watch, Wink, Cape Cod, David Yurman, April Daze}

These days, you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their wrists.  Whether they’re bare, lightly frosted or fully stacked, a person’s “armswag” can be very telling of their personality.  If you’re into layering, the way in which you choose to mix and match wrist candy becomes a form of artistic expression, allowing others a special little peak into the your brain.  I’ve decided to start a new post category called “armswag” to showcase some of my favorite wrist-adorning combos, starting with the two photos above!  The first I took in Florida, right after purchasing the seed bead/evil eye bracelet, and the second was yesterday’s silver stack that I like to think of as the classy set.  If you have any photos of your #armswag, send ’em my way!  I’d love to see them.

lately i’m lovin

new crochet pieces for summer, my impressive collection of ballet books (all thanks to my wonderful gma), my delicate new david yurman cuff (congratulations swan lake gift from mom <3), wildflower painted denim cutoffs from american eagle, new digs: lucky brand wedges (SO comfy) & frye “podiatrist-approved” sandals, pretty new printed Joie tops