g r o u n d e d

Theatre week has officially begun!  We were at The Vets until 10 pm last night for the first of many teching, testing, spacing, and dressing rehearsals before Friday’s opening. Swanning about night after night promises to be quite exhausting.  I’m feeling grateful for what’s keeping me grounded between flights, a few fresh things around my home:

this little sprig…IMG_1102…because bell flowers should always reside next to bell garlands.

this embroidered sleeve…IMG_1106…because it’s attached to a new jacket that makes me feel like the coolest lady ever.

this envelope…IMG_1103…for being wall-worthy.

this little group of matches…IMG_1096…because I’ve been separating my collection into minis, and it feels surprisingly new.

these flowers in a tall beaker…IMG_1105…because PEONY SEASON!

this powerhouse granola…IMG_1099…because it was “accidentally” left behind by a sneaky manfriend (plus it’s the most colorful and delicious* granola option in PVD).

these mossy friends…IMG_1098…for breathing some springy life into my bathroom counter after a little chop and some fresh water.

this little bit of lace…IMG_1095…because it was a spontaneous purchase and I do not regret it one bit.

this invitation…IMG_1104…because it’s not every day one of your oldest friends gets married- with an invitation as beautiful as her friendship to accompany the occasion (and yes, this will also be clipped up on the wall.  if anyone knows how to resist taking decorational advantage of beautiful script, a vintage ribbon and an actual leaf, please, don’t tell me!)


*verity of this statement to be determined…stay tuned…



Hello, friends!  Just wanted to share a few photos from the tea and cocktail party I hosted over the weekend.  As a lover of tea and tiny snacks, I’ve been looking for an excuse to throw a, uh, semi-pretentious party of sorts for a while now, and with my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and my recent apartment overhaul coming to fruition all within the same week, Sunday seemed the perfect time to invite some friends over to partake.  There were finger sandwiches, old fashioneds, and teeny Tatte cookies.  T even baked me a cake!  Though my apron somehow managed to stay tied to my waist the entire night, I was thrilled to be able to go tights-free in my dress for the day, warmed by the rising temps, the warm jasmine tea, and the bestest of friends.  Woof, that got cheesy real fast.  Better sign off before I go full-on Boursin…


IMG_0938 IMG_0930 IMG_0928 IMG_0939 IMG_0941 IMG_0929 IMG_0940 IMG_0933

My mind comes tumbling down slowly.  Released from the delicate weave of dreams, it descends back down to my skull with a floaty, Alice-down-the-rabbithole, intentional nonchalance.

I’m still between the ceiling and my brain, so my eyes have not yet realized the option to open.  This is a good thing.  It forces my ears to place me somewhere, and I hear the vague breakfast chatting of early birds from the window to my left.  The deepened voice of a mother says something vaguely pirate(or is it beanstalk giant?)-esque and the familiar screech-giggle of my young next door neighbors erupts on cue.  Audible evidence of the existence of innocence in an otherwise increasingly jaded world.  My tired face thanks them for this with a slow raising of heavy eyelids.

Blinking eyes drink in the summer morning sun, at once anchoring and elevating me.  After a weekend of salt and sun in my happy place, home and a morning ballet class feel refreshing.  As much as I love a few days away, I find my daily routine most therapeutic.

life on lewis

photo 2photo 4photo 1 photo 4photo 1 photo 2photo 3photo 2photo 3photophoto 1 afterlight

Moving my entire life from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house has kept me quite busy, to say the least.  It seems there is always something to be done here, and just when I feel like I’ve accomplished something, another task swoops down in my face, announcing its incompleteness like a half-eaten donut just waiting to be devoured.  But, like a good donut, these tasks are more sweet than laborious.  Hanging art, stringing lights, potting plants…the sweets of summertime moving.

The most exciting bit about this move, though, is that I have a new roommate: my boyfriend!  He hasn’t moved in quite yet, but give it a few weeks and we’ll be en route to the blissful, difficult, just-moved-in-together life that is waking up next to your favorite person every day.  That, my friends, is what I’m really looking forward to.  Beyond excited.

In the meantime, le boyfriend and I have been antiquing, flea marketing, and DIY-ing up a storm, determined to make this place feel homey and like “us”.  One of my favorite projects so far was spray painting that blue shelf in the first photo.  It was a hand-me-down from Kevin’s mom, a gorgeous piece whose chipping white paint needed a bit of TLC.  It was Kevin’s idea to paint it blue, my first time attempting a spray paint, and now one of our most prized transformation pieces thus far!  I think it pairs really well with that J.M. Barrie print, a gift from a dear friend on the opening night of Peter Pan.

I’ll share more photos as our decorating process continues.  That’s all for now.  Happy Monday, cats.



If you’ve never stayed up late at night emptying every orifice of your home, tossing out old things and rearranging the new, you don’t know what you’re missing.

There is something about a clean and simple living space that can alter your mood entirely.   As the calendar days roll by, our lives become cluttered physically and mentally, stuffing our closets and our minds with baggage better suited for Logan Airport’s endless luggage claim.  With the new year approaching in what seems to be a swifter pace each December, time can begin to feel like a big snowball, rolling closer and larger and faster towards our backs every second.  January 1st is our chance to clear all slates, both environmental and metaphoric, and head into a new calendar with the excess behind us and only the essentials in our keeping.  So here’s to cleaning it out, calming the soul, and raising a glass to 2014.  Let’s make this the best year yet.

decorating with dinnerware

6a00d83451cbb069e2014e86e66847970dplatesScreen shot 2011-08-30 at 11.15.21 AM

^the only creepy crawlers I would ever want in my home^

I’ve been a fan of these dessert plates ever since spotting that little green bumble bee guy at Anthropologie a few months ago.  Now, as someone who has been known to lob a shoe across a room just to kill a spider (sorry, charlotte) the thought of eating cake pie cookies salad off of an insect-laden plate seems pretty out of the question.  But that doesn’t mean my lizard-fearing self can’t recognize an adorable set of plates when I see one.

At first, I was thinking it might be nice to purchase and mount just one of these plates on the wall (who doesn’t love a little alternative artwork?), but with the super reasonable price of $18 per plate, my vision has expanded to a whole china cabinet shelf dedicated to the wild little porcelain friends.  What a perfect way to create that mismatched, french bohemian household vibe I’m always craving…


You can tell a lot about a person by taking a look at what they keep next to their bed.  After stumbling upon several photos of different nightstand setups on Lonny Magazine the other night (classic sleep-procrastination technique),  I realized just how much personality actually goes into such a small few square feet of space in one’s home.  While I’m constantly in the process of giving my bedroom a little facelift, right now it finally seems to be coming together a bit and I can’t help but crave a nightstand-makeover to tie it all together.  I’m thinking fresh flowers, a framed bit of nostalgia and a dainty little bowl of jewelry should do the trick.

What does your beside-the-bed-bureau look like?

colors underfoot

While spending FAR too long surfing around Lonny Magazine’s online decor archive, I realized how much I love the look of an all-white room broken up only by a colorful oriental rug.  Hmmm, something to keep in mind while decorating the new place…that I still have yet to find…

Happy Friday, chickidees!

if walls could blush…

Lately I’ve been drawn to pretty, blushing pale pink walls.  I love the way they subtly add color to a room, warming it up in a less predictable way than the usual “natural” tones (think beige and eggshell).  I like to think this look can be done in a gender-neutral way, but then again I suppose being a pink-loving girl makes me slightly bias…

What do you think of pink walls?  Yay or nay?

a couch.

Sometimes you encounter a piece of furniture that you cannot live without.  Okay, maybe that statement only applies to the ladies of my family…but you get the point!  When my mom and I spotted this charming antique sofa at Butterfield, we both immediately fell in love.  Although my roommie and I already have two supercomfycozy couches (that we will never part with!), my mom and I decided that “sofa’s like this don’t come around every day!” and “we better snatch it up while we can!”…needless to say it’s scheduled to arrive Thursday afternoon and I couldn’t be more excited!