the summer of…

For some reason, I have this strange way of categorizing each passing season according to what I was most “into” at that time. This can span from trends, to music, to books…anything really.  I never quite noticed this strange habit until my roommate recently said, “This is the summer of Flowerbomb and Jason Mraz.”  That’s when it really hit me.  I realized I can look back on my past and recall the summer of McDonald’s vanilla cones or the winter of Special K Fruit & Yogurt and Burberry Brit (yes, most of these categories do revolve around food).  So, without further ado, I give you this summer, the summer of…viktor&rolf flowerbomb perfume that I’ve yet to cave and purchase (thank goodness for Nordstrom’s free samples)embellished friendship bracelets like these I spotted at anthrothese amazingly comfortable and also bracelet-worthy hair tieswanded hair.  enough said.pastel pink nailsmy givenchy bag.  really, need I say more here?froyo world. maybe I should be ashamed of how many times I’ve waited in that long line. but I’ m just not.

The Civil Wars.  I just keep hitting repe(pe, pe, pe)peat.  The key is to watch them while they perform.  Magical.denim shirt(sssssss).  I have a mildly dangerous obsession.  can’t stop buying them.  no matter “how hard I try”…it’s been a real struggle, let me tell you.

Jason Mraz’s “You F*ckn Did It”. This song is just too good. LISTEN. please?

True Blue

{Current/Elliott, Elevenses}

Do you ever go through phases where find yourself gravitating towards a certain type of clothing?  Well, right now for me it’s denim shirts, and let me just say I’ve been rounding up quite the collection.  What do I love about so much about these little chambrays, you ask?  They are the ultimate multitaskers- pair one with leggings, contrasting skinnies, or even a sparkly skirt- it all works!  They are comfortable in a pulled together way, relaxed but polished, casually chic…I could go on and on!