models need not apply

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Remember when I told you about FBP’s exciting new collaboration with the Rhode Island School of Design?  Well, yesterday was the fashion design department’s annual midyear fashion show/critique, and a lucky few of us dancers had the privilege of modeling in it.  After seeing all of the sketches and moodboards hanging on FBP’s company bulletin for several months, it was amazing to not only see the finished costumes, but to be backstage while each look was being assembled and perfected.  And of course, after getting over the initial shock of not being a 6’4 amazon woman high fashion model like some of the other girls in the show, wearing the “Mama Red Riding Hood” look (as I like to call it), was a blast!  I mean, these pieces are beautiful in their own right; Then you remember how each of them was conceptualized, designed, sketched, created, fitted and tailored by a college student, and your jaw drops to the floor so quickly you don’t even have time to keep it from hitting your awesome, giant satin bow on the way down.

And theeeeennn, as if your now-bruised, floor-dragging jaw didn’t hurt enough, you find out that this year’s judges were brainstorming designs for major brands in NYC and brushing elbows with Diane Von Furstenberg the day before and you are truly blown away by where the events of your day have taken you.

So that’s the story of the time the FBP dancers invaded the RISD fashion critique.  Invaded, and rocked.  Now move over haute couture models, there’s a new breed coming your way- and we’re armed with pointe shoes and expert bun-twisting skills!530378_10151116101196012_2016388178_n{standing for the critique}

the loo

Les toilettes, watercloset, washroom, powder room, privy.  Sometimes while I’m in the shower I find myself day-dreaming of  the gorgeous bathrooms of my imagination.  They all include elegant tiling, light airy color schemes, and quirky personal touches.  I love when bathrooms feature little nods at nature, like a bird print or fresh flowers (brings a whole new meaning to the expression, “Nature calls!”).  I also love displaying pretty towels in interesting ways, and keeping things like cotton balls, q-tips and toothbrushes in unexpected vessels.  My dream bathroom is feminine and light, with juxtaposing structural elements like clean and simple framed art and modern hardware.

What does your ideal bathroom include?

a couch. part II.

Who remembers when I gushed about this antique sofa my mom and I spotted at Butterfield a few weeks ago?  Well, it’s here!  It looks so absolutely perfect in the apartment- the roommie and I are in love!  The pristine pale blush color is a perfect compliment to the chipping original paint on the antique frame…gah, pure beauty!  Can’t use enough of these exclamation points!(!!!!)


You can tell a lot about a person by taking a look at what they keep next to their bed.  After stumbling upon several photos of different nightstand setups on Lonny Magazine the other night (classic sleep-procrastination technique),  I realized just how much personality actually goes into such a small few square feet of space in one’s home.  While I’m constantly in the process of giving my bedroom a little facelift, right now it finally seems to be coming together a bit and I can’t help but crave a nightstand-makeover to tie it all together.  I’m thinking fresh flowers, a framed bit of nostalgia and a dainty little bowl of jewelry should do the trick.

What does your beside-the-bed-bureau look like?