Remember when I posted about my love for these homemade vintage mason jar picture frames and promised a photo of mine?  Well, here ya go!  Found this short + stout little mason jar in my parent’s garage and swiped it without hesitation.  This faded but adorable photo used to hang on a self-made pinboard above my bed, but I think it looks just perfect in its new snow-globe-esque home.  I’m off to another day of performing, happy weekend!

Feeling Crafty?

What is it about a blizzard that makes me crave a good DIY project?  For whatever reason, the idea of being snowed-in with a surplus of craft supplies and some warm hot chocolate gets me positively giddy!  As if the blanket of fluffy white snow surrounding my apartment and the early morning Seven Stars run weren’t enough, this list of creativity tips has left me totally inspired.  Craft party time!  (yes, I know how lame I sound).

{coconut macaroon & hot chocolate }

Something Bowrrowed

Lately, I’ve been absolutely, inexplicably and magnetically drawn to bows of all kinds.  In my hair, on my clothes, on my shoes…everything.  Today, I’m especially loving big, boxy bows attached to bikinis, bras, sleeves and shoes.  How cute would those bowed-stilettos be with boyfriend jeans and a blazer?  Or how about a white or floral bandeau-bow-bikini top?  Hmmm, I think I feel a DIY project coming on…

DIY: Miniature Closepin Photo Garland

A few weeks ago, I DIYed this simple photo display thats perfect for rotating Instagram favorites.  First, I found some bright yellow miniature clothespins at Michael’s craft store and spray painted a small batch gold to bring them from preschool project to a more mature, neutral chic.  Then I created the “garland” by clipping each photo onto a long piece of twine (also purchased at Michael’s).  So simple!  Because my room is nowhere NEAR being finished, my Insta-Garland has not yet found a permanent home.  For now, being strung across these soon-to-be-removed blinds will have to do.

1) Collect and print a few of your favorite photos

2) (If desired/necessary) use a metallic gold spray paint to coat the pins

3) Clip photos into place and enjoy!