gold, on the ceiling

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Leave it to Vogue to create a stunning editorial in celebration of ballet big wig/Hollywood’s most envied Baby Daddy and his first year as artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet.  This gorgeous spread has everything: the always magical city of Paris, suave Mr. Millepied, breathtaking Natalia Vodianova, one of the world’s most distinguished professional ballet companies, and shimmering designer gowns that bring the extravagant Palais Garnier to life.  Glamour is at an all time high here, folks.  I’ve shared a few of my favorite photos above, but for the full collection, head on over here.

all photos by Annie Liebovitz for Vogue

swans on a beach

As you may know, I’m a sucker for ballet-related fashion editorials, and this series of photos from the November issue of Australian Vogue is no exception.  Featuring 8 gorgeous dancers from the Australian Ballet photographed by Will Davidson, this editorial combines sun, sand, and feathers to create some of the most breathtaking ballet photos I’ve ever seen.  A big thank you to Ms. Mel of Wilddarts for bringing these pictures to my attention, and for featuring my blog in her most recent post!  Her site is full of gorgeous fashion editorials, carefully selected runway shots and all kinds of other inspirational finds- so what are you waiting for?!  Go check it out!

Happy Friday, loves! xx

lady in red

Even if you’ve never heard of my blog and all you’ve read so far is “Tutus & Stilettos”, I think this goes without saying, but obviously I’m going to say it anyway, so here goes:  I am obsessed with this editorial from October’s Vogue Russia.  Shot by the one and only Patrick Demarchelier (I have Miranda Presley calling….I have Patrick!  Devil Wears Prada anyone???), this spread features model Anna Selezneva portraying one of Russia’s infamously über strict ballet teachers, sternly pacing around a class of adorable baby ballerinas.  Don’t try warming up to this crimson queen- the blonde beauty doesn’t crack a smile throughout the entire shoot- just like a true Russian ballet instructor (and yes, I am speaking from experience).  Despite her spot-on iciness, Selezneva sizzles in each classic red piece she models, and let’s face it, everything is more fun to look at with teeny Russian prodigies in pointe shoes pirouetting and prancing around!

So, do tell, what do you think of this editorial?

down the rabbit hole

How spellbinding are these fairy-tale-gone-glam photos from the Vogue Magazine archives?  I mean, who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland Helmut Lang?  And if you’re like me and you’re favorite musical is Wicked (I’ve seen it twice!), you’ll melt over that shot of Kristen Chenoweth as Galinda at Pier 59 in New York.

Earlier today I stumbled upon this collection of ethereal photographs, inspired by classic tales and emulated by celebrities and high fashion models.  Doesn’t Keira Knightly make a gorgeous Dorothy-in-Marc-Jacobs, with the Penn State marching band and artist Kara Walker (aka Glinda the Good Witch) showing her the way down the yellow brick road?  Some of the most playful of all of these photographs seem to be those in which Lady Gaga portrays the wicked old witch trying to fatten up poor Hansel and Gretel for her next child à la mode.  I love the editorial take on the setting and the couture is absolutely devine.  “Gretel looks sweet enough to eat in a poufy confection. But it’s Hansel the evil one wants to fatten up and feast on.” (Vogue Magazine).  And of course, saving the best for last, we have the stunning Brazilian supermodel Caroline Trentini looking like the picture perfect princess-turned-swan Odette.  I mean, if a Marchesa dress with ostrich feathers and a Cartier tiara don’t say swan princess, nothing does.

photos via