floral feet


The best gifts are made with love.

This weekend my favorite cousin and I finally reunited after a significant drought (3 months of separation- the struggle was real!) and she gave me some belated birthday presents, one of which left me completely speechless.  A quick tear of the balloon-stamped wrapping paper revealed vibrant splashes of  hand-embroidered flowers, blooming together into the ever familiar shape of two resting pointe shoes.  And I do mean very familiar…these pointe shoes are my own!  The portrait’s base is a photo I took of my feet on the final day of Peter Pan rehearsals back in January.  Leave it to M to turn something from battered to beautiful.  So much talent.  They remind me of those gorgeous Jose Romussi ballerinas I fell in love with a few months ago.  Now I have my very own embroidered photograph, personalized and stitched with love by one of my loves.  Does it get any better?

And you know what they say, April flowers bring…embroidered flowers?  I think that’s how it goes…

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The combination of ballet and visual art always makes me giddy,  so when I spotted Chilean artist Jose Romussi‘s collection of embroidered vintage ballerinas, I knew I had to share.  With an acute attention to detail my OCD brain truly appreciates, Romussi gives these old school dancers some cool new threads (see what I did there? har, har) in a series of psychedelic shades to create these super playful portraits.  I love the way the wispy embroidered lines mimic the featherlight tutus and sort of electrify them.  It’s like that scene in The Wizard of Oz after the tornado, where everything goes from black and white to technicolor…you don’t realize that the world is dull until right before your very eyes, everything is made vivid.