spirit in the sky


Ah, sweet autumn. Often staved off by clinging tan lines and rushed along by jingle bells, you might just be the most underrated quarter of the year. But with a fresh slate at the start, a smattering of costume and food focused holidays, and a remarkable ability to bring out the inner emo poet of my youth, your months are far more magical than most. You entice the whole of New England into smokey scents and pumpkin flavors. Your pale skies give way to a fiery splatter of morphing treetops. Your crisp wind plucks leaves to the ground, acorns tumble under toe. Undertoe fades from feeling until next summer as waves are observed from the safety of warm sweaters. Farmer’s markets take shelter, early sunsets coax the world inside. Your time is to rest, to nest, let cozy manifest. Quite simply, you are the best.

all the leaves are brown






Ah, autumn.  This weekend felt short, yet decidedly fall.

There was a cousin visit, complete with brunch, a stroll through Swan Point and heavy and happy life discussions.

There was tea times three and lots more walking, leaf rustling, west side mansion shopping, and poster hunting.  There were Bucks & Dunnies, Ducks & Bunnies, pumpkin peeping, late night cookie baking (have you ever made just one chocolate chip cookie?) and more “life discussing”.

In a few hours it’s toes first back into ballet, but for now, I’m savoring the warm fuzzies of this photo diary.

hello october



1002161541d_HDR.jpgFullSizeRender 112.jpg


This weekend was a “kirsten weekend”- that is, I was sickish and sore and in the presence of world’s best beanfriend and thereby granted full control over activities.  My picks…

sushi + red wine + couch + this romantic drama

pumpkin blueberry pancakes + tea + couch + fleet foxes

pvdonuts + more tea + neutaconkanut hill hike + an old bridge friend

homemade portuguese soup + roasted autumn fruits + this romantic drama

Sometimes I enjoy being a walking cliché.  And sometimes I wonder how we fit so much into half of a weekend.  Welcome, October.  I like you so far.

a friday list


Studio life is crazy as FBP prepares for our opening next weekend.  But ah, finally, it’s sweata weather.  A little link list to celebrate…

Ashley Bouder is how I feel about Autumn.

Love the idea of apple crumble for one.

Some great tips for teaching ballet to little ones.

Searching for an affordable version of these cozy boots to get me through the cold months ahead.

Eat, sleep, rehearse, repeat.

Very proud to be representing my new friend Jon’s awesome apparel from Local Cavalry, check them out!

Is college dance for you?

…if you need another perspective, I shared some thoughts on pursuing higher education alongside your professional ballet career over on Mahallia’s lovely blog.


golden october


Indirect routes up my homestate, through towns I’ve never seen. IMG_3353

 A nostalgic first stop- witches, stitches, ships and caffeine. IMG_3334Salem in a sun shat, painted trees and paper signs- so many people packed in a little pig’s eye.

IMG_3441 2

Up the colonial coast, now pig’s fly- through magic houses in my blue beach town.

 A feast of fall, friends and euphoria steals the season’s final bow.IMG_3439IMG_3440 2

fall report

IMG_2740So much can happen in the quick quarter of an orbit.
IMG_2739The wily weather tests and the earth changes her ticking dress.
IMG_2808New faces become your favorites and different places are dubbed The Best.

An adventurer’s comfort lies in knowing that discovery chases the bend of the wind.

Temporal tides tempt exploration, and seasonal shifts never meet an end.


Does this spot look familiar?  Despite the 80-degree week days, so far September’s weekends have welcomed a slight chill to Providence, and it’s got me feeling all kinds of cozy.  And cozy feels deserve warm brunch and beanies.  M and I decided to celebrate autumn’s arrival by filling our bellies with Salted Slate and visiting a rickety old friend of ours.  Man, I love September.

trust fall


For a moment I swear I was flying.  Cradled by the air I hung in suspension, held in that pocketed ballon that dancers are addicted to.  I was weightless…then breathless.  My body came smacking, hips first, into the ground and the wind rushed out of me like a bubble with a rock on it.  Confusion, then quick surprise, and dread of imminent pain inundated my brain, emotions angrily mobbing one on top of another, each demanding my undivided attention and the cells coiled within my skull swirled out from the center like a miniature big bang theory.  Knees shrinking into my chest to relieve the anchored hip, my ability to shift without triggering any shooting pain assured me that my pelvis was not shattered.  Score.  Faces circled around my folded figure as I asthmatically mouthed I’m fine I’m fine, really in a way that made me seem very un-fine.  Twenty seconds later, ice packs lined my left side and I was laughing sadistically at my own misfortune.

I have talked about falling before, but never have I collided so forcefully with the floor that another dancer looked down at me in horror, tears fighting at the gates.  She had seen the entire plunge transpire, from my squatted take off, to the five-foot high jeté, to the precarious flip and, ultimately, the aforementioned (is it too soon to brand it “infamous”?) body slam.  Cringe-worthy to say the least, but I got lucky; Just a bit bruised up and slightly embarrassed…or so I thought…

It really is true that there are times in this career where your personal life starts to echo your professional life- almost to a fault.  Bruce Marks said, “There are falls that happen when you dance fully…and that’s worth it.”  I’m sure you are all sick to death of the depressing nature of this blog as of late, so I’ll keep this as short as possible;  I have learned a lot in the past few months, and one of the most important lessons thus far has been this:  Being honest with yourself is vital.  Personal integrity builds a trust within one’s self and when this trust grows strong enough, a safe space is built.  This space allows for self-reliance, physically and emotionally.  Use this personal integrity liberally, cultivate it frequently, and trust only you with its care.  When it comes time to trust another with something as sacred as this safe space, do, but do so carefully.  Remember, when you dance, live, and love fully, you are likely to fall, and it may not always be the good kind of falling.

taste of october


For the second annual company “Pumpkin Party” this weekend, T and I made some exceptionally delicious hummus.  But not just any old hummus.  Roasted garlic, rosemary, pumpkin hummus.  Yes, yes, yes.  It was as amazing as it sounds, we will be making it again by the end of the week, and you can have the recipe.  You’re welcome.

october first

oct ecap

Today is the first day of October!  Of course, I celebrated yesterday (my day off from work) by fighting the unseasonably warm temperatures with a thin black sweater and my orange beanie.  I can’t wait for the weather to start cooperating with the season…

I had a lovely “faux” first day of October yesterday, shopping with friends and visiting my dad at his kingdom of chemistry office.  The crazy brilliant engineer stuff that man does like it’s no big deal will never cease to amaze me.

Today the first few guest artists arrived for FBP’s annual Together We Dance gala this Thursday, and ohmygod, they are gorgeous.  More on that in an upcoming post…stay tuned…

via cyclovia

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you know how much I love Providence and its neighborhood events.  Providence is one of those cities that pretends to not be hipster, but then hosts things like Cyclovia, shutting down main streets to grant bikers a car-free passage.  I mean, not every city cares about things like allowing the biking community to grow and encouraging the youngest of cyclists to hone their skills in a safe environment…pretty cool of you, Pvd.  And what better way to spread the earthy crunchy granola go-green mission of our lovely little community than with a Sunday celebration?  Live music, arts and crafts, food trucks (Alex’s bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich from the Wurst Kitchen, I love you), and free DIY trail mix stations courtesy of our local Whole Foods…I couldn’t keep myself away if I tried.  Seriously, if you like random weekend block parties and you’ve never visited Providence, you should proooobably get your priorities in order.

Ps- how adorable are my niece’s little ballerina socks?!  I can’t even handle it.

PPs- the fact that the live music included what appeared to be an elderly Jewish man singing songs in Hebrew and accompanying himself on some sort of ukelele, and a band of seriously rocking 40-somethings just makes me love this town that much more.