in rehearsal: sharps & flats


After writing about Jim’s message yesterday, it only feels right to share some of his rehearsal photos from Viktor Plotnikov’s brand new satirical ballet, Sharps & Flats.  It was an especially fun process, learning this ballet with Viktor, Misha and the company.  Many nights were spent laughing at ourselves and each other, as we mimed with our mouths like a codfish choir and bumped into one another a few too many times trying to get the many canon sequences just right.  Enjoy!

jim2 jim4 jim9 jim0jim3 jim6 jim16 jim1



I apologize for the unexpected quiet around here these days, life has been busier than usual!

I would also like to apologize for the fact that most of this post may not make sense to you.  It’s my inner monologue of studio life lately, and when Plotnikov is around, sometimes you just have to be there.

Ahh, the many emotions of a Viktor ballet.  Excited, determined, bored, happy, jealous, sad, ashamed, embarrassed, frustrated, lonely, afraid, angry, annoyed, shocked, in love, infuriated, disgusted, dead…no attitude goes unexplored.  Rehearsing three of his (all very different) ballets right now feels a bit like a soap opera; One minute I’m gossiping with my girlfriends, playing our arms violins, the next I’m “between the sheets” sleeping with other people’s husbands as they watch anxiously from stage right.  That is all, of course, interrupted by my frequent tendency to morph into an orchid, blooming and dying again and again in a surrealist, silent-movie-chase-scene-warp-speed fashion.  Unconscious bodies, easy hands, round shapes, walrus stomping, human cellos, lycra waterfalls, matrixes and tangos; The directions we are given may not always be what they seem.  In and out of long skirts, pointe shoes, flat shoes, quadruple wrapped tube dresses with a face on either end, wardrobe changes happen on stage, in the wings, and without warning.  A style so discernible, every day I’m awed by the incredibly vast range in tone of these three Viktor works.  Orchis, Surrender, and the yet to be identified New Work have me in a constant emotional evolution.

…and it’s time to hop on the roller coaster for yet another 8 1/2 hour dancing day!  Until next time…

lights, camera

image afterlight

Just wanted to share some snapshots from my first ever photoshoot with FBP.  Never thought I’d be doing one of these but as they say, there’s a first time for everything, right?

Anywho, I’ll be sharing the final photos from the shoot when they are available, but for now, enjoy these blurry, b&w teasers of Peter Pan.  

PS- Since you can’t see much in these shots, I’ll just go ahead and tell you these Royal Winnipeg costumes are beauts.

PPS- Also, for the record, I am holding a thimble on my finger in that second photo, not flipping anyone the bird.  Just thought you should know. ;)

hair, beautiful hair

photo 3

I knoooow I said I was done with Nutcracker posts, but I kind of had to share this compilation of, well, hair.  It’s known amongst all FBP veteran women (and quickly learned by those just joining the ranks) that every year before the first Nut dress rehearsal of the season, our artistic director bursts into each and every ladies dressing room with two large plastic bins; One containing hair and the other full of jewels, flowers, feathers, pearls, and small animals lace.  He distributes ziplock bags based on (general) hair color, dress color and “which embellishments match each dancer’s personality”…supposedly.  After the dispersal of the accoutrement, it’s up to us ladies to concoct and construct the most extravagant Victorian-era-inspired mountains of hair we can come up with.  Which usually leads to the emptying of everyone’s bobby pin supply, faux curls stuck in rhinestones, tangled strands of pearls,  flying feathers and finally, six successfully flamboyant cornucopias of hair.

The braided and curled coifs that take us far too long to build serve their purpose in the party scene only to be ripped from our scalps just after leaving the stage to make way for the delicate, sparkly headpieces of the snow scene.  The quick change from Clara’s Mom to Lead Snow (one that I had to complete 5 times throughout the weekend), was a tad hectic, which is why my face looked like this after the last one was completed:photo 2


Okay, I really am done now.  Probably.


photo 1 photo 2

Hello all!  Just popping in before the first show (eeek!) to let you know I’ve hijacked the FBP instagram account for the  Nutcracker weekend to bring you behind-the-scene peeks into our performance.  Follow @festivalballetprovidence to see all of my posts (and apparently a little selfie action) from the wings and dressing rooms of the magnificent Providence Performing Arts Center.  Now it’s off to warm-up class! xx

photoshoot-ing, ballet style

5 brenna3 brenna1 brenna4brenna2

Today I had the pleasure of helping out with a little pre-season photoshoot at FBP.  There was such a laid back vibe behind-the-scenes of the shoot…definitely my favorite way to work!  Of course, the beautiful Brenna DiFrancesco and the lovely Alan Alberto didn’t need much guidance with their posing, so my job was easy!  Really looking forward to attending more of these shoots in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for more…