chasse au trésor

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Each time I go to Paris, there are certain things I just must do. A picnic along the Canal, a nap in Place de Vosges, un tradition from my favorite bakery. I thought I’d share a few of them here with you, starting with a trove of treasures that was new to me this time around…

If you should find yourself with nothing to do on a Sunday in Paris, put on some walking shoes and make your way over to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen to peruse one of the city’s most bountiful flea markets. If you push past hoards of folks peddling dress shirts wrapped in plastic and “designer” sunglasses for €10, your persistence will be rewarded with a enclave of antique gems and oddities, ripe for the cherishing.

Practice your french bartering with sellers for a pair of tiny tin soldiers to bring home for your brother. Pick up an antique Dijon container to fill with flowers back in Providence. Fall in love with a random, romantic napkin ring- of all things- boasting your mother’s first initial elegantly scripted in metallic. Remember the sound of the Edith Piaf crooner in the lively restaurant sinking into the market’s mid-section, savor the smell of a dusty summer in the city.

*Pro tip: Stop by the hip commune-style café La Recyclerie to fuel up on fresh assiettes du jour, homemade in an eco-forward oasis of a cafeteria. Again, not for the timid traveler, but fully worth the one-of-a-kind experience and healthy helping of trendy french fair.


brimfield flea

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I can never turn down a good treasure hunt through one of the world’s largest and most diverse outdoor flea markets.  Vintage cameras, colorful maps, furniture to fit any home, hats galore, pretty suitcases, globes of all shapes and sizes, racks upon racks of clothing…all filled with stories of their past lives.  From a young age I’ve been trained to appreciate the beauty in purchasing antiques.  Repurposing vintage finds brings new life to the otherwise forgotten relics.  I mean, as the experts say, it’s just “so smart”!

When I saw that pearly white romantic tutu pictured above I knew I had to snap a shot of it.  In retrospect, my mom’s suggestion that it was a sign of some impending good news (which I received last night) seems pretty spot on.  Ps- any of my dance friends notice those mukluk booties?  I’m telling you, flea markets really do have it all…

flea on the canal


You could say I dove head first into Providence’s “local spirit” this past weekend…

After the farmer’s market and Summit Music Festival on Saturday, I decided to fully embrace the city’s community events by enjoying a little brunch at Three Sisters then checking out the South Water Street Sunday flea market for the first time ever.  Between the laser-cut wooden earrings and impressive line-up of food trucks, all I’m left wondering is where has this thing been my entire summer?!  I had such a blast sifting through racks upon racks of vintage clothing (the Coast to Coast vintage mobile shop has the BEST collection), sharing a fresh tropical smoothie with zee boyfriend, and people watching in one of downtown’s most underrated locations.  I cannot believe I’ve never attended this artsy haven before.  Officially SOLD.

interior inspiration

With plans to scope out Brimfield Flea Market with my mom tomorrow, I’m finding myself trolling through all of my  favorite interior design photos (yes, I have an entire folder dedicated to that on my desktop, that’s normal right?).  I can’t wait to look around one of the country’s biggest and best flea markets for some fresh new pieces to update the apartment with.  I think antiques add such a unique and unexpected charm to any home.  They possess personality and character not found in their younger, more modern counterparts. I especially enjoy pairing antiques with bright, cheerful colors and patterns for an unconventional look.

What’s your take on antiques?  An interesting way to personalize your living space, or strictly reserved for your grandma’s house?

brimfield, massachusetts

In my mind, Brimfield Massachusetts means one thing and one thing only- FLEA MARKET!  This week is the biannual flea market extravaganza up in Brimfield, so the roommie, my cute preggers sis, my mom and I all piled into the car to scavenge the fields.  The weather was gorgeous (save about a half hour of scorching sun), the antiques were top shelf, and the oddities were plentiful.  We waltzed around in our hats, scoped out the treasures, got the obligatory fresh-squeezed lemonade (twice!), and even saw a few girls ride their horses up to the gas station and “park” in the spaces…HA, gotta love the country.