criss cross apple sauce

Let’s just get right down to it- although I try to post recipes and cooking how-tos every so often, I am no expert on the subject.  There’s a short list of dishes I can make successfully, and truthfully most nights the salad bar at Whole Foods calls my name so much louder than my own kitchen down the hall.  That being said, there is one treat I’ve always had a knack for: applesauce.  It’s true, when it comes to applesauce, Motts ain’t got nothin’ on me!  This 3-ingredient recipe may seem simple to some, but there’s something about achieving a perfectly lumpy, mushy, yet smooth consistency that’s extremely rewarding.  It’s sweet, fresh, and the packed with cinnamon-y goodness.  A few years ago when I was living with my brother, I made more applesauce than any person should ever be able to consume (that boy loves his apple sauce), and people are always asking me for the recipe, sooooo without further ado…

To make your own applesauce, peel and chop apples into cubes (cut a few larger pieces for chunkier texture).  Pile apples into a large pot and add water (not so much that the apples are covered, just enough to allow the apples to be mixed with a wooden spoon).  Heat the apples, stirring occasionally until the apples begin to soften.  Then, gradually add in sugar 1/4 cup at a time- tasting as you go.  Season liberally with cinnamon (if you have any cinnamon sticks, throw those in too!).  Serve warm or cold.  Enjoy!

a backyard picnic

Hors d’euorvers, pretty table clothes, wine, cheese, candles, and friends.  This is summer.

On Friday night, the roommie and I invited our best girlfriends over to celebrate the fact that we are all in one place for the first time all summer.  It was such a fun night spent being fancy with our wine glasses and delicious dips (I made an awesome Mediterranean dip- recipe post coming soon)  and repeatedly commenting on how awesome it was to all be together again.  I love my friends.  They are pretty awesome. :)

Have a productive and stress-free Monday, chickens!

ps- I have a doctor’s appointment this morning for the little toe, everyone send your good vibes this way!


In case you’ve been stressing out about the state of my post-surgery-self, worry no more!  Although being sequestered to the couch with crutches and high voltage drugs as my only method of transportation is far from fun, there are several perks of being crippled worth mentioning…

 ice cream (prescribed by my doctor I swear!…kinda); fresh fruit with chobani greek yogurt and honey, a glorious salad of grilled shrimp, romaine, tomatoes, mozzarella, peppers, and broccoli; aaand a bright little bouquet comprising some of my favorite flowers (peonies)- all made possible by the world’s best nurse: my mom!  Of course I’m hoping for a very speedy recovery, but in the mean time, life could be much worse.


{what I wore: black lace mini- with a chambray top + isabel marant boots}{what we ate: dim sum! tegan’s first experience…YUM}{where we went: boston opera house to see boston ballet’s don quixote- which was phenomenal}

my life lately…in wear/what/where form- a new type of post I’ll be adding into the rotation…what do you think?  good idea?  c’est bon?  c’est mal?  tell me tell me tell me!

happy thursday ladies & gents!

Concrete jungle

Just a few quick Instagram shots from the weekend trip to the Big Apple…yummy salads, bread, and caffeine at Le Pain Quotiedien; a night out with some great friends both old and new; & some gorgeous architecture and a glimpse of the springy blooming white trees that lined many of the streets.  In my opinion, spring is hands down theeee most beautiful time to visit New York City.