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How was your Memorial Day weekend?

A (WHOLE) lot of friends and I trekked up to York, Maine for a healthy (this adjective is debatable) dose of sunshine and vodka.  There were family breakfasts, countless word games, happy hour bites, chess tournaments, moscow mules, skeeball marathons, homemade tacos, swimming, fancy kettlecorn…are you sensing a theme yet?

Apparently we enjoy food and games.  Of course none of us would be able to enjoy said food and games – or wake up in Vacationland – without the bravery of those for which Memorial Day stands.  It feels inappropriate to wish someone a happy Memorial Day, but I do hope that you had the chance to steal at least one moment away for a game and a laugh, and when you did, I hope you were able to reflect on the price of that moment.  Freedom is anything but free, and I am so very grateful to those far braver than I who defend it.

To one purple heart in particular, I am sending thanks and love always.


photo of guitar by Michael Collins.

proof of my existence as a child, photographer unknown. (but I’d be willing to bet it was Gma)


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Happy Saturday…

It’s less than a month into the season and already we are getting crazy.  I guess that’s what happens when your coworkers are your best friends!  Between complaining about the serious need for new flat shoes (I mean really, there’s not one hole-less shoe in the company, it’s sad), and showing our support for purple dolphin shirts (you can’t tell in the picture, but these dolphins have legitimate smirks on), this week at the ballet we decided to see if it’s possible to fit a human being inside a dressing room locker.  Although the human being of choice might be considered a halfy (elle est tres tres petite), she’s a human being nonetheless and her small/adorable stature does not make the careful shoving of said tiny body into a microscopic locker any less impressive.  I swear we all laughed until our abs hurt.  Three cheers for an unconventional pre-night-rehearsal warm up!

stuck in her daydream

This weekend I did an impressive amount of bargain shopping.  I purchased a medley of fancy little goodies all under $10, but I’d say the $4.99 (previously $50) top I snatched up at Urban Outfitters in Boston takes the cake- especially since I didn’t waste any time debuting it that evening for a much needed girl’s night out.  I also scored a whole smorgasbord of free pretties from Clinique thanks to their awesome promotion going on now at Macy’s.  All in all, it was a successful weekend of deal chasing, sushi eating, wine sipping and friend visiting.  Now onto a dance-packed week…first performance of the season tomorrow!  Bring it on!

Hope you all had a fabulous Columbus Day weekend. xo.

nantucket island: part II

A few more photos (some stolen from Tegan and Melissa) to give you another inside peek at my trip to Nantucket.  The three of us had so much fun shopping around and dressy up all fancy dancy.  Melissa’s awesome job at the Jack Wills in Newport hooked us up with the super down-to-earth and friendly Nantucket staff, one of whom was nice enough to craft this, er, artistic treasure map of the island for our last day there.  He sent us on a journey to all kinds of cool secret places around Nantucket, including the Lily Pond, a hidden nature reserve, the delicious Tacos Tacos, a “happy place”, and of course (one of my personal favorites) the secret candy store, which is hidden in the back of another store (I won’t say which one!) and is run by adorable little kids.  Lindt truffles and sour peaches anyone?  It’s funny how even though he’s from Great Britain (all of the Jack Wills seasonaires are, don’t even get me started on the accents, that would be awhooolenother post), he has this Massachusetts island completely dialed in.  Lucky for us!

As if roaming around the island on our own private treasure hunt wasn’t awesome enough, we even got prizes at the end.  That’s right, our very own Jack Wills party pants- Nantucket edition!  Tegan and I had some fun with our Newport party pants on the ferry ride over, and decided to bookend the trip by doing the same with our new Nantucket digs…I know, we’re super goofy.  People were staring.  Oops.  We’re not sorry.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, shared with the most fabulous of friends.  :)


Yesterday we went to Scarborough Beach and soaked up the sun, did a little reading oogled some lifeguards, and had some much needed girl time.  We made it back to Providence just in time to shower, change, and head to the 95.5 WBRU Free Summer Concert Series’ presentation of Grouplove at Waterplace Park.  Although it was a little loud (we were directly.next.to.the.speaker.), the vibe in the crowd was awesome.  Hannah Hooper, the female vocalist of Grouplove, even described the feeling in the audience as being “like a bunch of friends all just hanging out and having fun”.  Successful crowd atmosphere?  I’d say so.  Plus Waterplace Park is such a prime location for an outdoor concert, with the river and downtown Providence creating the backdrop.  Awesome.  Can’t wait for the next free concert!

a girl’s weekend

This past weekend in york beach, maine could not have been any better.  It was a girls-only retreat, and we certainly made the most of it; There was unbridled girl talk, swapping of secrets, fruity frozen cocktails, incessant fifty shades of grey reading and discussion (any fellow christian grey-obsessors out there?!), acting like crazy fools, and an unhealthy perfectly normal amount of beach time (even though I had to wear a sock on one foot to protect the wound).  We came back yesterday afternoon (after driving through what felt like world’s worst thunder storm- scary!), and I’m already missing the rich, woody interior of our home and the sound of waves lulling me to sleep at night and whispering their salutation in the morning.

ahh, the internal restoration found through a weekend by the shore cannot be matched.  now to begin using the mind-makeover to influence the physical one…

[all photos via my instagram- follow me @ keeksevans]

a backyard picnic

Hors d’euorvers, pretty table clothes, wine, cheese, candles, and friends.  This is summer.

On Friday night, the roommie and I invited our best girlfriends over to celebrate the fact that we are all in one place for the first time all summer.  It was such a fun night spent being fancy with our wine glasses and delicious dips (I made an awesome Mediterranean dip- recipe post coming soon)  and repeatedly commenting on how awesome it was to all be together again.  I love my friends.  They are pretty awesome. :)

Have a productive and stress-free Monday, chickens!

ps- I have a doctor’s appointment this morning for the little toe, everyone send your good vibes this way!