modeling MAC


Perched on my invisible post, I swirled the world around like a 6-year-old having their first go at Spin Art.  Faces spun together from all ends of the emotional color wheel; Surprised, confused, excited, distracted, alarmed, awed- all blended between florescent lights and flattened grey carpeting.  Touching down with just the tip of my toes, I paused to steady the world for a moment, and it occurred to me what a strange circumstance I had gotten myself into when I accepted the job just one week prior.

It started the morning of a rehearsal for Time vs. Money, when Viktor walked into the studio, flipped on the lights and, without hesitation or the hint of trepidation in his voice, asked me my cup size.  “A or B?”, he inquired.  Assuming the question came in regards to a costume, but leery of a costume in which the size of my bra carries so much significance, “Umm…C?”, I continued the interview with another question.  “It’s only A or B, which is it?”, refusing to accept my fullness.  I assured him we’d better settle on “B”, and he started tapping away on the flat keyboard of his cellphone, all before even revealing the reason for his inquiry.  They don’t call him Boundless Plotnikov for nothing.

Finally looking up from his 4-inch screen, Viktor explained to me about his talent scout friend-of-a-friend and the search for a dancer to model at an event the following weekend.  He didn’t give me much information, but the promise of a check during my first month of summer lay-off spread my mouth into the dubious wide crescent of a happy Cheshire Cat.  A short bit of internet correspondence later, it was all arranged.  I was booked to model (spin dance) on a pedestal (wobbly plastic perch of terror) at the MAC cosmetics counter in the Nordstrom downtown.

When I arrived at MAC on the first day, a painted girl in a chic black, multi-textural ensemble led me down a hallway to a teeny dressing room I never knew existed.  I remember thinking to myself, This is total Nordstrom VIP.  A moment later, another beautifully painted lady entered with her tool belt arsenal of brushes, goops, powders, and creams.  She sat me down, drapped a robe over my shoulders, and with a smile she sprayed, brushed, moussed, twisted, braided, wrapped and pinned me until an hour had passed and my hair stuck coiled like a tight astronaut’s rope atop my head.  Her true forté, the makeup portion, she completed with the light yet purposeful hand of a practiced profession in under 20 minutes.  The speed of the procedure only highlighted her artistry.  In keeping with the theme, a launch of the new Alluring Aquatics collection, I emerged from the secret room a vintage-inspired synchronized swimmer from space, with an intricate cap of braids and the soft, dewey maquillage of a 1 photo 2

hair, makeup, and photos by Loran Diciolla

hair, beautiful hair

photo 3

I knoooow I said I was done with Nutcracker posts, but I kind of had to share this compilation of, well, hair.  It’s known amongst all FBP veteran women (and quickly learned by those just joining the ranks) that every year before the first Nut dress rehearsal of the season, our artistic director bursts into each and every ladies dressing room with two large plastic bins; One containing hair and the other full of jewels, flowers, feathers, pearls, and small animals lace.  He distributes ziplock bags based on (general) hair color, dress color and “which embellishments match each dancer’s personality”…supposedly.  After the dispersal of the accoutrement, it’s up to us ladies to concoct and construct the most extravagant Victorian-era-inspired mountains of hair we can come up with.  Which usually leads to the emptying of everyone’s bobby pin supply, faux curls stuck in rhinestones, tangled strands of pearls,  flying feathers and finally, six successfully flamboyant cornucopias of hair.

The braided and curled coifs that take us far too long to build serve their purpose in the party scene only to be ripped from our scalps just after leaving the stage to make way for the delicate, sparkly headpieces of the snow scene.  The quick change from Clara’s Mom to Lead Snow (one that I had to complete 5 times throughout the weekend), was a tad hectic, which is why my face looked like this after the last one was completed:photo 2


Okay, I really am done now.  Probably.

layers and layers

[me after the big trim, don’t mind the air conditioner-blown baby hairs going crazy up there]

On Friday, Mother Dearest and I got our ‘dos did.  It had been a while since I’d had my layers touched up, but I’m still trying to groooOOw my hair, so I opted for a fancy trim.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  The length is finally ample enough for lots of layers starting below my chin- which I love!  Plus, there’s the added bonus of waltzing around all day with a fresh trim, blow dry and a mane that smells like papaya.  Mmmm, hair products.

What do you do when your hair needs a little pick me up?  Anyone brave enough to change up their color often?  I’m a pretty tried and true blonde, but I admire people who can pull off so many different shades!

Oh and as always, Happy Monday. xo

a hair story

Two years ago when I started writing this blog, I had recently chopped 7 inches off my hair.  You could say it was an act of pure hair-injustice.  The crime was committed under compromised emotional circumstances, and although I had been contemplating a chop for some time, I somehow chose the exact wrong day and time to acquire it.  When I was little, I was known for growing my hair down to my hips, then lopping it all off into a chin-length bob.  I was totally fearless back then.  But 2 years ago when I decided to rock a short haircut for the first time since elementary school, my fearless ways escaped me.  My hair was gone, and so was my confidence.  I just didn’t feel like me.{right after the legendary chop}{rocking the shaggy shoulder-length bob at my sister’s wedding}

That was two whole years ago.  Now here I am, long hair fully reinstated, and feeling an empirical freedom.  You see, the general thinking is that (especially in hot summer months) a long, thick mane is difficult to maintain, leaving the wearer distressed, frustrated, and likely on the sweaty side.  But in my experience, having long hair frees you.  Long locks lend themselves to styling and experimenting far more easily than their curtailed counterparts.  Enter the insane collection of hair styling inspiration I’ve compounded over the past few months…

From beach waves, to long layers, to intricate braids and literal “hair bows“, my extensive selection of hair ideas gets bigger and better every day.  And my hair just gets longer and longer too!{feeling so much more “me” with my long locks (& doing my best victoria’s secret angel impression) at the black and white gala}
{trying my hand at the whole wavy-hair thing}

Needless to say, after crying for months about the loss of my lengthy ‘do, the wise words of encouragement given to me by friends and family (who also tried to convince me that my short hair was actually a good look- I wasn’t buying it!) really do ring true: “It’s just hair, it will grow back.”  And it did.

feeling knotty

Tooling around at 11:30 pm alone at the apartment on a Tuesday night after watching a thrilling hour of all new Dance Moms can lead to some interesting things.  Tonight’s epic discovery?  My hair has reached a length at which I am able to tie it into a fancy little knot, which is being cleverly referring to as, drum rollllllll: the “hair” bow.  Snappy, dontcha think?


I’ve posted about summer makeup on the bloggie before (here), and judging by the growing collection of summery hair & beauty ideas accumulating on my Pinterest, it’s safe to say the warmer months are my favorite when it comes to the ol’ beauty routine.  First of all, come June I’ve usually worked up enough of a tan to render bronzer unnecessary…always a plus!  Secondly, I love the way facial perspiration a dewy glow illuminates my skin.  Last but certainly not least, to me there is no competition for natural, unkempt beach hair (except maybe a shiny blow dry), especially now that my hair has finally outgrown the dreadful cut I administered two summers ago!  All of these things make my summer beauty routine super easy, allowing me to experiment with new products, techniques and inspirations.  Here are some looks I’m currently coveting:soft, messy waves + black mascara + pink lipglossnatural makeup + side braidwhite liner on the inner rim + heavy pink blush + natural lipslong fishtail braidpale pink eye shadow + winged liner + peach blush + pale lipsmessy pony + sneaky braiddewy face + false eyelashes + gold eye shadow + raspberry lipslong superblond hair, natural, middle part + black eyeliner top lids + pink lipsgolden girl: gold face + gold hair + gold eye shadow + gold tinted lipspastel nails

What are your favorite beauty ideas for summer?

a little love letter i carry with me

Powder blue and pale pink- not just for babies anymore!  This spring, the pretty pastels have been floating around the internet so much, my desktop “spring inspiration” folder is overflowing.  To lighten the load, I decided to create a collage of my favorite photos incorporating the light, springy hues.  From delicate lingerie to studded iPhone cases to pastel pouts,  I’m officially on a pastel blue and pink kick!