le chapeau



Ever since the decision to go to Paris this summer was made official (ahhhh!), I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect hat to wear while strolling along la seine.  The main criteria: a nice mid-sized brim (not too wide, not to narrow), a deep, rich color (think navy, burgundy, or dark green), and a slightly floppy shape.  Above is just a little collection of some chic ladies who definitely have the whole choix de chapeau thing down.

What is your stance on hat wearing?  Beanie babe?  Fedora fille?


Just a few instagrams from yesterday’s prospect park picnic…the weather was gorgeous and we ate veggies and dip and lounged under the maple trees all afternoon.  Tegan was looking so fresh in her linen shirt and straw hat I couldn’t resist documenting.  When a day consists of ballet class, manicures, and a picnic in the park, there’s no need to argue; It’s a good day.  Prospect Park sits at the crest of a hill on the east side of Providence, looking out over downtown and providing an amazing view of the state capital (pictured above).  If you’re ever visiting Providence, I highly recommend seeking out prospect park at sunset- what a view.

PS- yes, you read right, I did say BALLET CLASS! I have officially taken my first (slightly modified) ballet class since the surgery and the little Franken-toe is doing great!  Thanks for the good vibes you’ve all been sending my way :)