Welp, after months of lower back pain and no real “cause” (I actually started to think I might be fabricating the whole injury), I have finally received a diagnosis.  And the verdict?  I have a stress fracture between the first and second vertebrae of my spine.  Read: There is an itty bitty crack in my lower back that’s causing a whooooole lot of trouble.

With only 2 weeks left in the season, this diagnosis has actually come at a pretty perfect time (if there is such a thing).  Since the only way to treat a stress fracture is with rest and physical therapy, I’ll be able to take time away from ballet without stressing over being 100% healthy before the next show.  I have the entire summer to get back into tip top shape for next season!

The only hold up?  My plans to travel to Paris in June for the Ailey/POB summer intensive.  Might be kind of hard to do an intensive with a bad back…eeeeeek. :(

Have any of you ever had a stress fracture?  What was your experience like?

the lame life

This has been my view for the past 48 hours:photo

Not the most glamourous thing, is it?

Well, sadly, sometimes this is the harsh reality for a ballet dancer.  In the dance world, injuries are frequent, painful and at times, all consuming.  Right now I’m experiencing some pretty intense back spasms, which have left me feeling a lot like an old tortoise: slow moving, weak-limbed, and permanently hunched over.

Being sidelined for these past few days has been difficult to say the least.  Physically, I’m in pain.  Emotionally, I am sad.  Mentally, I am searching for peace.  In an attempt to remedy these symtoms, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor, taking a whole line-up of prescription drugs, and receiving acupuncture treatments.

After one too many less than pleasurable experiences with the chiropractor and 2 days of feeling like I was tripping while riding a huge roller coaster with a stomach full of fried food (read: vicodin makes me woozy), I am beginning to think more and more about the possibility of restoring my health through acupuncture.  The difference between acupuncture and other forms of treatment is that acupuncture aims to restore the flow of qi in your body, rather than merely subduing the symptoms.  I know what you’re thinking, “Qi?  Huh?”, and honestly, at first I was just as skeptical.  But I’ve decided in order to really give this a shot, I must let go of my apprehension and trust this relaxing, albeit slightly strange, ancient practice.  Letting go of these doubts, I can already feel some pressure being lifted from my shoulders.

Have any of you ever tried acupuncture?  What did you think of it?

thoughts on running

I used to claim I’d never enjoy running.  Being a dancer, my joints are very dear to me, and the negative effect running can have on them was just never worth the risk.  This summer, however, that changed.

I decided to try interval running, a technique where you run for a few minutes, then walk for a few minutes, and alternate the two speeds throughout your entire distance.  I am SO glad to have finally realized the beauty that is interval running.  It allows me to rest my joints and feet for a bit between spurts, while still keeping my heart rate elevated for the duration of the workout.  That is what you call the best of both worlds, folks!

Now, I can proudly say I am a changed woman.  While I can’t yet claim to ever actually look forward to running (constant heavy breathing, hair stuck to my forehead with sweat, aching feet, and I don’t even get to wear a tutu? hard to see the bright side here…), I have finally found a way to make running accessible to me.  I even went out running in the pouring rain the other day, just to get in a good sweat and clear my mind!  This may not seem like an accomplishment to most, but I am pretty darn proud.{spotted: raindrops on roses during my rainy run}

smooth criminal

Just a little update on the workout/cleanse the roommie and I started Tuesday…

Today my roommate/partner in crime/workout buddy traveled to the Cape (lucky duck!) to sit some babies, and I surprised myself by continuing the workout regime all by my little old self.  This may seem like a small act of simple self-control…but let me just say, people, I am SORE.  Not your average sore, either, but 3rd-day-into-new-fitness-routine-after-several-months-of-increased-couchtime, fiery pain in my back, arms required to stand up from any position because my legs are like jelly, S-O-R-E.  But like they say, it’s good to feel the burn…no pain no gain…sweat is fat crying…you know the schpeal.

Anyone else trying to get in better shape?  I raise my homemade, delicious and nutritious, post-workout protein smoothie to you, cheers!  Oh and here are some pictures that might help you along (I know they’re kicking me in the buns!)…

P.S. Dang, Miley has a nice body, huh?!  I hate this phrase but- prime thinspiration!

Have a great, healthy Thursday, chickens!