you put the lime in the coconut


With my last week as a full-fledged “minor” officially underway, I’ve been thinking a lot about the inevitable possibility of drinking wine with every meal, going out on Saturday nights, and learning how to make delicious (and low-calorie) cocktails with fresh fruits and simple syrups.  Of course, thanks to Pinterest and the blog-o-sphere, I’m also dead set on the idea of building my very own bar cart, complete with pretty geode-encrusted bottle stoppers, vintage inspired tumblers, and little drink accessories (think striped straws and teeny umbrellas).  Below you’ll find a little photographic bar cart inspiration I’ve been clogging my desktop with studying closely.

barcartbarcart3 barcart2

Special thanks to these three ladies for being especially inspirational in the whole home-bar-setting-up experience.


You can’t help but fall in love with Liz Cherkasova’s Los Angeles apartment.  Full of vintage and second-hand finds, the space emulates a quirky, yet calm and lived-in vibe.  I love the antique chair (which she refurbished and painted herself) holding a few books and flowers- it’s just “so smart!”

To see more of the lovely Ms. Cherkasova, head over to her blog, Late Afternoon.

a pint of polish

If there’s one thing my entire family takes pride in, it’s our unique ability to discover new life in old things.  And we’re not just playing around; In my family antiquing is an olympic sport.  Everyone from my grandma, to my aunts, mother, cousins, sister- even my 23-year-old brother- knows the value of a well-restored antique.  Ever heard the saying “They just don’t make ’em the way they used to?”  Well it’s true.  Rediscovered old pieces add a special flare to your home that (in my opinion) simply cannot be replicated by something new.  When I spotted this antique measuring jar last weekend at my favorite indoor flea market, Rhode Island Antiques, I knew I had to have it.  Although my original thinking way to fill the jar with fresh summer flowers, I become inspired by this photo:and decided to try out the glass vase as colorful display of my nail polish collection.  Sure, it may not be this antique’s conventional use, but I think a little usage re-assignment brings new life to an otherwise outdated piece.


Throughout the past year, my roommate and I (with the help of our design-savvy mothers) have created a beautiful, cozy apartment that we absolutely love calling home.  However, there is one thing we both recognize to be missing from our place: a bookcase.  I love the classic, worldly ascetic a wall full of books and knick knacks brings to any space.  Above are some bookshelf inspiration photos I’ve been stalking…what do you think?  How would you decorate shelves in your home?  Organized by color or size?  Full of frames and flowers?  Total chaos?  The options are endless!

Bright Bits

Maybe it’s the warm spring weather and longer days we’ve been having lately, but I seem to be magnetically drawn to bright rainbow hues.  In clothing, home decor, jewelry, accessories…I can help but notice these technicolor trinkets adding an extra pop to my day.  There is something to be said about the ability bright colors have to instantly change my mood.   It’s really quite impressive- I can go from mopey to mushy in the drop of a brightly colored hat!
{bright watercolor flowers add color to my calendar}
{can’t wait to debut these new super comfy shorts I scored on sale at AE}
{a bit of girly decor inspiration from Could I Have That?}
{finally tried this DIY- similar to the hex nut bracelet}
{awesome bright mixology from Song of Style}{Can you say summer DIY? multi-colored pom poms add a pop to neutral straw beach bags}
{this gorgeous Lucky Brand turquoise belt was a birthday gift from Mom.  I love the way it reflects light when hung by my bedroom window}{I love this idea- storing nail polish in a glass jar brings color to any room}{there’s an unmistakeable power in the bright statement shoe- I’m making it my prerogative to load up on a few pairs before spring really begins}