keeks in the kitchen: almond butter


I recently discovered a new health food blog through an old ballet friend on trusty ol’ Instagram.  Naturally Sassy is written by a British ballerina who decided to go vegan a few years back in a (successful) attempt to cure her chronic eczema.  Since making the switch to a diet of everything diary, gluten, meat and sugar free, Saskia has discovered the many benefits of this new lifestyle.  Inflammatory and acidic properties found in these food groups can have short and long terms effects on your health, including weight gain, acne/dry skin, high cholesterol, lowering of the immune system and digestion and stomach problems. Yuck!  Reading the short bit of information on the vegan lifestyle presented on Saksia’s blog, I decided to give up meat, most of the dairy I currently consume, complex sugars, gluten, and all processed foods.  And what better way to kickstart this new lifestyle than by whipping up a batch of Naturally Sassy’s homemade almond butter?!

With just 3 ingredients and a food processor, you too can make your very own delicious, protein-packed almond butter.  I added mine into a smoothie with banana, medjool dates, flaxseed and almond milk and, you guys, it was so scrumptious.  That’s what has me hooked on this blog; Her recipes are so healthy, but also combine a range of flavors that I can totally get on board with.  Roasted sweet potatoes and avocados galore?  Yes, please!

So, granted I have enough time to actually cook and blog about it this season, expect to see a lot more of my kitchen experiments here on STB!  Other recipes I’m dying to try include the perfect kale salad, sweet potato salad with avocado mayonnaise, and the blueberry and baobab pancakes.

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This S(f)unday, Tegan and I had the pleasure of helping out FBP’s Vilia Putrius with her latest creative project: Unique Gifts by Vilia.  Teaming up with family and friends from her home country (Lithuania), the delightful principal dancer has started her own line of 100 % handmade knitwear.  We all know I’m no model, but when someone as lovable and charming as Vilia asks for your help, you just don’t say no!  Despite my nerves, it was an absolutely lovely day spent by a pond in Barrington, snapping photos, giggling like crazy people, and snuggling up in these soft, gorgeous pieces.  I am seriously coveting one of those intricate purple scarves (second photo)- so cozy!

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