cashmere and chai

{yoon sweater, free people tunic, frye sandals, marc jacobs crossbody, ray-ban clubmasters}

It is reeeaallly feeling like fall here in Providence!  I must say, as much as I love warm weather and tank tops, I cannot help but miss my cozy sweaters and knee-high boots during those sweaty summer months.  Today I “bundled up” with this ultra soft cashmere cropped sweater by Yoon (last seen here) thrown over my favorite Free People tunic.  Honestly, this dress was without a doubt my most frequently worn item of this summer- I swear I just kept reaching for it over and over, and it never got old.  I can’t wait to bring it into fall with boots, jackets, sweaters, and heels.  Of course the vanilla chai is a mandatory accessory!

What makes you excited for fall?


Today I walked the streets of downtown Providence…

…took a moment to enjoy the urban beauty in this alley way…
…shopped around Craftland and admired their window displays……sipped hot tea, drew on chalkboard walls and played Connect Four and Crossword Cubes…
…spotted some of Shepard Fairey’s legendary street art…
…and bought some fun new hoops at Queen of Hearts on Westminster.

It was a good day, to say the least.  Tomorrow is my last full day of summer before the new season starts and it’s back to the studio.  Such a bittersweet feeling…sad to see summer end but hopeful for this upcoming year.  Due to my increasingly superb procrastination skills, it looks like tomorrow will be spent sewing various ballet shoes.  Wishing you all a fantastic Monday!


dog days

{A few photos from my instagram that have defined August thus far}

For me, these past few weeks have been bittersweet.  On one hand I am ready to get back into my regular routine and have a schedule again, but on the other hand, the beginning of fall means a whole lot less sleeping in, rarer beach days and my favorite cousin/best friend leaving to study abroad in Rome for a whole 4 months!  But, just as boots and scarves make up for a lack of beach trips, there is a silver lining: her educational enlightenment creates the perfect excuse for me to take a trip to Italy, where leather bags and boots are plentiful!  Until then, I’ll be clinging on to my canvas beach bag and flip flops as I absorb the last of those beautiful summer sunsets.

my favorite kind of weekend

Are you guys getting tired of my sunset pictures of Shorts Sands beach yet?  I really hope not.  Because this is one view I will never get sick of.  My favorite kind of weekend begins with a day at the beach (preferably with a delicious NY state peach), is followed by lounging by the pool and pie and thumbprint cookie baking, and rounds off with a quick trip to the most relaxing little town in New England.  York Beach.  It’s quaint, it’s cute, it’s beachy, warm, happy, calm…there’s seafood and happy hour and fresh tomato and mozzarella salads…there are boat rides and movie nights and long walks to the lighthouse…it’s my favorite place to fall asleep at night and I can’t help but smile when the first thing I see in the morning is the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s safe to say this location will have a special little place in my heart for the rest of my life.  I mean who wouldn’t love a place where the basil plants are nearly the size of small trees?!

This particular weekend happened to be my dad’s 55th birthday (happy birthday, wabs!), which of course required desserts of many varieties, singing, family, presents, and even fireworks! (Okay, maybe they weren’t exactly for his birthday, but they happen to light them off of a barge in the middle of the water, directly outside our house!  The rocking chairs on our porch could not be better seats.)

We also took the little boat tour from Perkin’s Cove, Ogunquit into York, past our house and around the Nubble Lighthouse.  Safe to say my mom and I definitely got a little seasick, but visiting the adorable Perkin’s Cove made it all worthwhile.  I thought the “Buoys” and “Gulls” bathroom signs were too funny not to document.

I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as me!  And if you’re anywhere near New England and ever have the chance to visit York Beach, I (obviously) highly recommend you do.

The birthday boy himself, on our Perkin’s Cove boatride…always posing!

nantucket island: part II

A few more photos (some stolen from Tegan and Melissa) to give you another inside peek at my trip to Nantucket.  The three of us had so much fun shopping around and dressy up all fancy dancy.  Melissa’s awesome job at the Jack Wills in Newport hooked us up with the super down-to-earth and friendly Nantucket staff, one of whom was nice enough to craft this, er, artistic treasure map of the island for our last day there.  He sent us on a journey to all kinds of cool secret places around Nantucket, including the Lily Pond, a hidden nature reserve, the delicious Tacos Tacos, a “happy place”, and of course (one of my personal favorites) the secret candy store, which is hidden in the back of another store (I won’t say which one!) and is run by adorable little kids.  Lindt truffles and sour peaches anyone?  It’s funny how even though he’s from Great Britain (all of the Jack Wills seasonaires are, don’t even get me started on the accents, that would be awhooolenother post), he has this Massachusetts island completely dialed in.  Lucky for us!

As if roaming around the island on our own private treasure hunt wasn’t awesome enough, we even got prizes at the end.  That’s right, our very own Jack Wills party pants- Nantucket edition!  Tegan and I had some fun with our Newport party pants on the ferry ride over, and decided to bookend the trip by doing the same with our new Nantucket digs…I know, we’re super goofy.  People were staring.  Oops.  We’re not sorry.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip, shared with the most fabulous of friends.  :)

Nantucket: Part I

My first ever visit to Nantucket Island was an official success!  Although the weather didn’t quite cooperate the whole time (so upset we never made it to the beach!), we did a smashing job hitting the shops and seeing the sights.  Not only did I collect a fair amount of pretty souvenirs, but I also brought home a loooovely food baby.  I am how am I suppose to resist all of the delicious sea food and those to die for smoothies at Juice Bar? (Seriously, if you ever get to the island, GO TO JUICE BAR and ORDER THE STRAWBERRY BLISS SMOOTHIE.  You. Will. Die. In a good way.)  Waking up at 3:15 am to embark on this voyage was totally worth it- yes, that is a sunrise in the first photo.  I can’t wait to fill you in more about the trip, but for now it’s time to write a persuasive speech for my public speaking class and bookmark some good workout videos for later!  Happy Monday.


Sometimes when I’m surfing Instagram, I find a photo I love so much that I have to take a screenshot of my phone.  This leaves me with a lovely little collection of insta-screenshots that make me smile whenever I see them.  Remembering the notion that “sharing is caring”, I thought I would start a new type of post in which I share these little gems with you.

Enter Instaluvin.  Brought to you by my instagram obsession and my love of the iPhone’s ability to photogram its own screen.

So what do you think?  Are youuu instaluvin?  Yay or nay?