elephants on parade

Fact: Elephants are awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that although they are indigenous to Africa and Asia, they are being featured in beautifully designed interiors around the globe.  Being the largest animal in existence today, it’s not hard to catch the irony in all of these miniature elephant knicky-knackies charming homes with their teeny stature.  I love the wild safari vibe a little elephant immediately brings to a space…so much so that I decided to photograph my baby elephant dude to share with y’allllll:

Ain’t he the cutest!?  He travels around my living room, popping up in new hiding places all the time…little trickster.

What kind of knick knacks do you enjoy collecting?

{shabby} chic

As I grow up, live in my first real apartment, and begin browsing around Craig’s list for next year’s living options, I can feel my inner interior decorator developing.  I’ve been a life-long fan of the romantic, french countryside “shabby chic” style famously curated by Rachel Ashwell (I’ve been collecting from her Target collection “simply shabby chic” for years!), which explains why I swoon at the sight of any interior involving white, pink/blue florals, distressed antique furniture (think pale paint chipping off it’s sturdy wooden base), fancy old chandeliers and quirky personal accents that tie it all together.  My mom recently gifted me Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Inspirations, a cover-to-cover goldmine of biblically beautiful, decidedly both shabby and chic spaces.  As you can probably assume, judging by the visible access of post-it arrows I’ve already marked pages with, I’m loving this book.

Apartment Style

As a celebration of my second professional season with Festival Ballet, I am moving to an apartment on the East Side (hopefully within walking distance)…and I couldn’t be more excited!  To prep myself for today’s place-hunt, I’ve been scoping out adorable new ideas for bedroom organization/clutter control.  Three major areas include jewelry, clothing, and of course shoes:

While most pre-move-ers contemplate appliances, furniture and flooring, I’m spending my morning dreaming of cute little ring dishes and built-in shoe shelving (don’t you think that would greatly increase the value of any closet?).  As for clothing, I’ve already decided to switch out all of my plastic white hangers for something thinner and more chic.  I’ve toiled with the idea of an outer closet clothing rack before…I love how it can add color and inspiration to a space, but it would mean keeping things tidy 24/7…we’ll see how I’m feeling about it when it actually comes time to make the big move!  Until then, I’ll just scroll through/obsessively collect photos like these to inspire my inner-interior decorator: