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Fall is in full swing here in Providence, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  The ground is painted with gilded leaves, the air is almost as crisp as a bushel of fresh apples- but certainly not as sweet!- and squash, cranberry, and all other forms winter fruit/veggie cravings have finally become completely acceptable.  In other words, life is good.

Last weekend I ventured up to Boston for one night (which is always an adventure), then the roommie and I hosted the first of many “app parties”, in which friends gather, a tremendous healthy amount of yummy appetizers are served, and everyone laughs.  Until our stomachs hurt.  Or maybe there was just too much cheese consumed?  Either way I’m okay with it.

What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

hanging out

When we’re not sweating our faces off in rehearsals, we dancers sometimes do things like this…

Yes, partner stretching.  It’s a beloved pass time.  Today’s stretching venue of choice?  A Regina Spektor-themed pas de deux rehearsal, where we got to watch Brenna, Vincent, Tegan and Ian dancey dancing their booties off…

..and the phrase “blood, sweat and tears went into this” rang truer than ever; In the midst of a fancy lift gone awry, one dancer bit off a little more than he could chew.  Yes I’m being cryptic, but the long and the short of it is, there was a hip-to-mouth collision (not something you need to worry about at your average day job), which resulted in an emergency room visit for one dancer to stitch up a very bloody lip.  Don’t worry- he’s okay!  In fact, he’ll be back in the studio tonight to run rehearsal for a piece he is choreographing.  So if anyone ever tries to tell you dancers aren’t tough…#balletisforbeasts

cashmere and chai

{yoon sweater, free people tunic, frye sandals, marc jacobs crossbody, ray-ban clubmasters}

It is reeeaallly feeling like fall here in Providence!  I must say, as much as I love warm weather and tank tops, I cannot help but miss my cozy sweaters and knee-high boots during those sweaty summer months.  Today I “bundled up” with this ultra soft cashmere cropped sweater by Yoon (last seen here) thrown over my favorite Free People tunic.  Honestly, this dress was without a doubt my most frequently worn item of this summer- I swear I just kept reaching for it over and over, and it never got old.  I can’t wait to bring it into fall with boots, jackets, sweaters, and heels.  Of course the vanilla chai is a mandatory accessory!

What makes you excited for fall?

Nantucket: Part I

My first ever visit to Nantucket Island was an official success!  Although the weather didn’t quite cooperate the whole time (so upset we never made it to the beach!), we did a smashing job hitting the shops and seeing the sights.  Not only did I collect a fair amount of pretty souvenirs, but I also brought home a loooovely food baby.  I am how am I suppose to resist all of the delicious sea food and those to die for smoothies at Juice Bar? (Seriously, if you ever get to the island, GO TO JUICE BAR and ORDER THE STRAWBERRY BLISS SMOOTHIE.  You. Will. Die. In a good way.)  Waking up at 3:15 am to embark on this voyage was totally worth it- yes, that is a sunrise in the first photo.  I can’t wait to fill you in more about the trip, but for now it’s time to write a persuasive speech for my public speaking class and bookmark some good workout videos for later!  Happy Monday.

a good day.

When you wake up in crisp, brand new white sheets and new fluffy pillows to the sound of rain outside your open windows after sleeping in until 10, you know it’s going to be a good day.

I decided to make the most of this positive omen by heading to the RISD art museum downtown with Tegan.  We parked right outside the front entrance.  This simply does not happen in downtown providence.  Ever.  Guess what happened then?  The roomie and I flashed our snazzy unlaminated Providence College id’s, and we got in FO. FREE.  I know, I know, it was awesome.  We checked out some cool contemporary installations and hung out with the giant Buddah before leaving to check out the new Teas & Javas cafe in Wayland Square.  The ultra-hip lounge is a coffee shop/bar hybrid, as well as a hotspot for 95% of Providence’s hipster population (cute bike-riding boys with cuffed jeans and nice hair? bonus!).  It was opened in conjunction with Wayland Square’s Alex and Ani store and is owned by the husband of the jewelry line’s designer.  On our way back to the car, we noticed our favorite home goods store, Butterfield was having a sale!  So we picked up this adorable little white heart bowl (for $8!) and I scored this pretty floral makeup bag (for $11!), which I can’t wait to pack up with toiletries and take to Nantucket Island next weekend!  Yep, I said it, Nantucket Island next weekend!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  On that excited note, I better get back to my informative speech-writing…ugh this public speaking class is wearing on me.  Happy Sunday, chickens!


{what I wore: AE denim cutoffs, denim polka-dot shirt, old scarf, RayBan wayfarers, }

{what I ate: the famous Hope Street Pizza greek salad with chicken}{where we went: downtown to Kennedy Plaza to watch the FBP summer intensive students rehearse for their showcase}

Yesterday was a good day.  I went to ballet class, had one of my favorite salads for lunch, rocked a new denim shirt from Anthropologie (I braved the whole denim on denim ensemble- how edgy am I?!), did my best Rosie the Riveter impression, and watched an adorable little future-ballerina practicing her pirouettes alongside the ladies of the FBP summer intensive program as they rehearsed downtown for their finale showcase.  Luckily, the heatwave has finally subsided (bring on the thunderstorms!) and life actually seems livable once again.  Every other sentence out of my mouth is no longer a complaint about the sticky, sweaty, humid state of my body and the air around it, woohoo, this is progress people!

At the downtown rehearsal, this one little cutie wanted IN on the ballet.  She was twirling, kneeling down, and at one point even laying down on the ground…doing as “the big girls” do.  My mom pointed out the fact that I used to do this exact same thing when I was young, dancing for a crowd whenever the opportunity arose.  I guess if you’re ballerina at heart, it becomes obvious at a young age.  DAaaawwwwww, getting so sentimental on you all!  Better stop while I’m ahead…Happy Friday, lovies!  Have a fantastic weekend.

the curious case of that cats at petco

What is it about teeny tiny kittens that I find so endearing?  Maybe it’s they way the sleep all layered one on top of the other, or the way they express their fiesty-ness through fuzzy swatting paws without hesitation…or maybe their wide, innocent eyes…

Whatever it is, it’s irresistible.  And serendipitously stumbling into adoption day at Petco is all it takes to remind you of that. (And possibly have you contemplating taking home one of those soft little frisk masters, even though your 95-year-old land lady doesn’t allow pets, and so then you start hatching a “disguise the fact that we are housing a kitty” plan, which is shattered by your realization that kitties have no regard for authority, and will likely perch onto the back of your couch and stare out your living room window, just in time for your land lady to go strolling by and pull the lease out from under your kitty-loving feet, sending you out onto the street with all of your worldly belongings, your kitty, and of course the organic designer cat food that the guy at Whole Foods convinced you was absolutely necessary for the well-being of your against-regulation feline.  Whew.)

Have a fabulous Monday, kittens!

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