hello, sweaty july



Greetings from the hottest day of the year.  Let’s backtrack…

If you are looking for something original to do on the 4th of July, consider walking around your nearest city (bonus points if it’s the Creative Capital).  While everyone else burns at the beach, take advantage of the quiet.  Stroll from one end to the other and hit every nook and cranny (winky face).  Explore with iced tea and curiosity.  Consider trying the old penny walk trick or making a list of things you’re thankful for over yummy samiches (extra bonus points if you get free pickles, too).  Feel the sun, find the shadows.  Download a timer cam app (no one is around to take a cheesy couplish photo for you, and no one is around to watch while you struggle to capture yourselves in the frame).  Take touristy pictures.  Sit down on every bench, read about famous singers you never knew lived (and died) in the area, pretend you go to RISD (and then Brown).  Choose your favorite building on the block, and then choose again.  Regale your patient manfriend with every architectural fact you’ve learned in the past month, and feel dang smart doing it.  Trek home, commence nap.  Wake, pack picnic, and place yourself under fireworks.

Actually, forget all that.  Continue running away to the beach and leave the secluded city to us. :)


photo of me by Michael Collins, photo of us by iPhone-gen youth taking exorbitant amount of selfies.

the dog days


If only I could wake up to that Maine sunrise every day!  But alas, I’m back in Providence, and surely these are the dog days of summer.  With the second big heat wave of the month unmistakably upon us, my daily prerogative is making it to 11 pm without melting.  Which means my cute printed “Paris Pants” (last worn here) will be forced to mope on the shelf for a little bit longer.  This morning’s humidity called for messy milkmaid braids pinned up on top of my head and an easy cotton dress thin enough to let the lack of breeze through.  When silly hairstyles and lightweight clothes fail, staying in air conditioning is always a savvy heat-beating technique. ;)  Stay cool, ladies and gents.

heat wave

peonies4thconcert julysnack

I hope you are all having a lovely 4th of July weekend…I know I am!  Around here it’s been all beach days, pool dips, raspberry picking, movie-going and attempting to stay cool in this massive heat wave that’s sweating its humidity allllll over New England.

On the 4th, Tegan and I braved the crowds at India Point Park to hear the Rhode Island Philharmonic outdoor concert and see a pretty impressive firework display over the water.  It was my first time attending the annual event, and I loved the experience!  Next year I’m going to bring a bigger blanket, a picnic, and some wine- Parisian style!

Tomorrow a few of the dancers and I are participating in a little photoshoot for a clothing boutique in downtown Providence called Shoppe Pioneer.  All week I’ve been ignoring my strawberry/frozen cool whip cravings (I blame the soaring temps!) and attempting to shed some of those pesky Paris pounds!  I’ve never modeled before, and must admit I’m slightly freaked about posing for the camera without making a goofy face or flashing a cheesy smile…any pointers?!  Wish me bon chance!