the green tiger

kenzo0 Paris-15386 5664 Chiara-Ferragni-kenzo-green-sweatshirtPariskenzo8

I’m not usually one for sporting bright colors (read: my closet looks like one giant navy blue/black/grey/brown abyss, save a few pairs of bright colored jeans), but for this glorious graphic beaut of a sweatshirt, I would make an exception.  In fact, I would jump at the opportunity to do so.  There’s just something about this crazed, slot machine light-colored Kenzo garment that adds a sense of cool to everything it touches.  Too bad it’s $499 and sold out (I know, I’m a little surprised that a five hundred dollar sweatshirt is actually sold out too).  I’ll just have to settle for feasting on the green tiger eye candy that is being displayed far and wide across the interwebs these days.

What do you think of the green tiger sweatshirt?  Would you rock it?

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