ma cousine est ici!

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As I mentioned at the end of my last post, my most favorite cousin, Melissa, has finally arrived in Paris for her visit!  If you can’t tell by the excessive exclamation points, I’m very excited about it!

So far I’ve shared with her the kaleidoscope stained-glass windows of Notre Dame, the magical Zara(s) of Les Champs Elysées, the cute boutiques lining Rue Oberkampf, the adorable used bookstore café at Merci, the unmatched baguettes from my favorite local boulangerie, the unrivaled charcuterie et fromage plate at one of our favorite bars, and the infamous Bastille Marché crêpes. We also visited the Centre Pompidou (some very cool and very strange things there), danced (too much) at Fête de la Musique, attended a trés Parisian flat party, strolled by La Tour Eiffel at night (and stopped for some pictures), and danced some more (lots more, until 5 in the morning to be exact).  A lot of activity in just 2 days!

I can’t believe I am all done with French school and Melissa is here visiting…time is flying by!  Feels like we just moved into our apartment here yesterday…

Now we are off to Le Marais for some Sunday shopping- ps, if you are in Paris and notice all of the stores are closed on Sundays but you’ve been bit by that pesky shopping bug, head to Le Marais!  Everything is open!  C’est manifique.

Until next time, ciao.  XO

located at last: le marais

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Today was a busy, busy day.  Right after school, I navigated my way back to Merci (was actually en route to Le Musee Carnavalet, but my tummy was growling and the used bookstore cafe at 111 Beaumarchais was calling to me, so alas I had no option but to stop in for some yogurt with honey and nuts and a big pot of green tea).  After my little dejuener pour un, I started out on my way to my original destination, a free museum whose three floors tell the story of Paris’s birth and life up until the 20th century.  All in French, but definitely worth the visit!  Of course before I was able to locate the actual museum, I found something even more exciting- Le Marais!

The Marais is a beautiful district of Paris comprising gorgeous old buildings and storefronts, the interiors of which now house trendy boutiques and brand name stores like Bobbi Brown, L’Occitane, Sandro, MAC, and so many more.  Luckily for me (not so much for my wallet), I spotted the Diptyque store and ducked inside faster than I’d care to admit.  Once inside, my eyes and nose were met with the most splendid of sights and smells.  Orange blossoms, rose petals, jasmin, and mint flooded their way into my brain all at once, creating a big delicious scent cloud up there.  I was in heaven.  Big candles, little candles, parfum, soaps…this place has it all.  And with the most juxtaposing classically avant guard presentation imaginable.  Just lovely!

In other news, my cousin has literally just arrived at my apartment in Paris!!!  Time to go!  A bientot, friends.  XO