she’s out!

my book “the silhouette inside” has officially been released! so many months of work have led up to this.

i am thrilled to announce that the book is available at my favorite Providence shop, Frog & Toad. it’s such an honor to be stocked by this beautiful little store, one that is curated with love and spends time supporting small businesses and artists all over rhode island.

while i would love to do an in-person reading/signing one day, until that becomes an option, head to my instagram to see a little video we put together to celebrate the release. the video features the first poem of the book, and one that was largely the impetus for putting the poems together and creating the narrative. i hope you enjoy!

if you’d like to get yourself or someone you love a copy, they are also available here.

the umbrella factory

DSC03964 DSC03962 DSC03969 DSC03970umbrella factory DSC03966 DSC03971 DSC03968DSC03975

There’s a place where you can weave through bamboo stalks so tall, the tops look like tiny paintbrushes tickling the sky.

A place where you can see jewelry made of spoons, beautiful art and home furnishings, made by your neighbor.

There’s a place where you can get lost in potted plants, losing count of the rows and rows of herbs, succulents, flowers, and greens, the arched hug of a warm greenhouse guiding you from above.

There’s a place where spotted chickens roam free, and emus greet you at the gate.

A place where chairs are made of moss, and roadways- stepping stones.

There’s place where smoothies are made with just 3 ingredients and the freshest of fruits, a place where musical instruments require only the willingness to think to be played, and the teeniest of sculptures can be yours for $5.

Would you believe me if I told you this place was in little old Rhode Island? ¬†That taking a drive out to Charlestown could make all these things true? ¬†Well, folks, I’m not lying- and here is my proof!