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IMG_4137If you recently read my, um, lengthy 24-hour guide to Providence, then you already know I’m a huge fan of all things Rhode Island.  I know, I know, it’s a major nerd alert.  But there is just so much to explore in our coastal little corner of America, it’s hard to resist the occasional ocean-state-flavored mush fest.  Judging by the number of vehicles I’ve seen sporting this sticker, safe to say I’m not alone there.

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The only thing better than Rhody’s multitude of beautiful destinations (none further than a mere 30 minute drive, mind you) are its exceptionally talented and welcoming inhabitants.  The sweet spirit of RI runs especially deep in the bunch I’ve recently befriended, a pack of hungry creatives that seem to contain an undraining supply of warmth and love.  In a manifestation of this unique energy, I’m incredibly proud to represent RI’s newest lifestyle brand, Local Cavalry, a line of American-made apparel focused on adventure and experience.


 What I love about this brand (besides the softness of their inaugural tee) is their mission to share in the journey of each wanderer.  It’s a wearable realization of Rhode Island’s penchant for creating a community of individual explorers, and we firmly believe everyone deserves a spot in the cavalry.  So whether you’re surfing the North Shore or treading the concrete jungle, scoop up your LC gear and get out there.  Bring them to your favorite spot or head out into the great unknown, snap a photo and tag local cavalry to share your adventure.  Play on.

a friday list


Studio life is crazy as FBP prepares for our opening next weekend.  But ah, finally, it’s sweata weather.  A little link list to celebrate…

Ashley Bouder is how I feel about Autumn.

Love the idea of apple crumble for one.

Some great tips for teaching ballet to little ones.

Searching for an affordable version of these cozy boots to get me through the cold months ahead.

Eat, sleep, rehearse, repeat.

Very proud to be representing my new friend Jon’s awesome apparel from Local Cavalry, check them out!

Is college dance for you?

…if you need another perspective, I shared some thoughts on pursuing higher education alongside your professional ballet career over on Mahallia’s lovely blog.