As a very superstitious person (is that a dancer thing or an Italian thing? hmmm), when I woke up this morning and realized today’s date, the first thing I thought to myself was “Today is going to be a very lucky day!”.  Now, being someone who announces “It’s 11:11- make a wish!” every day at least once a day, the date 12.12.12 reads to me like an entire day full of opportunities for wishes to come true.  Pause for sighs of adoration.  I know you’re all thinking I’m a big fat cheeseball, but I like seeing the world through my rose-colored lense.  Especially when I’m wearing my matching rose-colored jeans!

So even if you don’t hold your breath over long bridges or pick up lost pennies (heads up only), I’m telling you 12.12.12 is just too good of a date to pass over.  It’s the last time this triple day/month/year thing will happen for a VERY long time- so don’t miss out on all that luck!

Have a fantastic, wish-filled, lucky and inspired Wednesday, chickadeeez. xx

{Free People vegan leather jacket, AG jeans via Nordstrom Rack, Kate Spade bag, Keds tennis shoes, J.Crew v-neck pullover, Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses}


It’s fairly well-known that no one says “good luck” in the theater.  It’s an old taboo, claiming that the phrase actually brings quite the opposite of what is intended.  So, in the acting field, “good luck” has been replaced with the rather obscure saying “break a leg!”.  Obviously, borrowing this well-wisher would not fly with ballet dancers.  A broken leg is career-ending, not something to discuss moments before curtain.  Soooo in the world of ballet, we say “merde”.

If you’ve taken any french, you may know that this actually means “shit”…doesn’t seem like the best word to be exchanging backstage does it?  “hey, tegan, merde!”…”thanks, you too! merde!”  Yes it’s weird.  Yes we know.  Yes we do it anyway.  There’s some superstition that if you’ve already said the worst there is to say backstage, nothing worse can happen onstage.  I’m not sure how true any of it is, but I’m not willing to risk finding out!  So wish me “merde” on my first show this morning!  AH!